ceiling fan in reverse all of a sudden

CavimumSeptember 10, 2011

I hope this is the correct forum area, if not, please advise me where to post this.

We have a 20 - 25 y/o Casablanca ceiling fan, no pull chain, no reverse switch on the housing; only a wall control with three switches for:




The fan sometimes goes in reverse after the power is knocked out in the neighborhood, and sometimes rights itself months or weeks later. I once had an electrician fix it while he was out doing something else, and he fiddled with the switches and got it right in a matter of seconds.

Would anyone here be able to tell me how to get this fan going in the correct direction? Thank you.

Below is a link to the Casablanca site. Scroll down and ours is the W-11,12 (which is discontinued).

Here is a link that might be useful: picture of W-11,12 wall control

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There could be a problem with dirty or poor connections but most times, it is a small capacitor in the unit. It will be a small, usually black, usually rectangular device just about 2 times larger than a zippo lighter inside the housing somewhere. Home Depot, Lowe's, any hardware store carries them. If you do it yourself, make note on paper where the wires are connected, take the unit with you to make sure you get the correct replacement. Most are the same so you shouldn't have an issue there anyhow.

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@maryland_irisman - Thanks for the suggestion. I am hoping there is a trick to flipping the control switches without having to pull the control panel. Casablanca has a replacement panel with "reverse" and instructions on how to wire it. We're trying to avoid it and jimmie the switches the way the electrician did.

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