Is this a good price for Bryant AC

coachelladougSeptember 14, 2011

3000 SF home, single floor, 5bed/3bath, Palm Springs, CA.

$11,750 price

Bryant Model 187bna048000

Furnace - 315jav060110

Thermostat - Bryant systxbbu1d01c

Four inch filter rack


Coils with TXV

Variable speed FAU's 80%





Plug into existing ducts. Ducts are about 5-10 years old.

Keep existing slant registers in rooms

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What mdl evap coil?

Makes a difference.

A nice system.

What size AC and furnace are you replacing?

Give me a little info on your winter weather that is typical for your location.


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No specification on model of evap coil. Just "coils with TXV". What should a good model evap coil be, so as not to get "stuck" with cheapo, last minute replacement.

Summer is 80-115 degrees F, Winter is 50-70 degrees F.

Replacing 16 and 10 year old 4 ton units.

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Seems good to me, hard knowing how much labor will be involved on the retrofit work without seeing it.

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Definitely ask about the mdl coil dealer plans to install.

Post back.

You want a Bryant tin plated coil, a third party brand coil not acceptable.

I will come back to you about that furnace size.


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Thanks for the replies.
As to retrofit, pull old split system from two places in the attic, and put new ones in.
Outside, disconnect old, reconnect new.
AC company is not putting new ducts. Existing ducts will be connected to new units.
Price is just for a "regular" swap of equipment.

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Are the line sets being replaced?

If this is a simple swap of equipment, then the price seems on the high side. Is Bryant currently offering any rebates? Did you get any additional quotes for similar equipment?

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I still would like to know the mdl number of evap coil.

Plus the size of furnace and AC you are replacing.


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The price of system does seem high but OP is in California , not exactly the cheapest place to live or operate a business.


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It sounds like the OP is getting 2 systems for this price based on what he says earlier.

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I am replacing two four ton units. Inside furnaces, I was told where 3.5 and 4 ton. Outside units are 4 tons each.
Pricing on Bryant equipment is for one (1) unit only. Since replacing two units, total price will be $23,500 including $800 Bryant rebate ($400 per unit).
Line sets are NOT being replaced. Just equipment swap.

I am contacting others in the ares for quotes, but it seems like forever before they can come.

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The proposal is for 8 tons of cooling and 220,000 input BTU (176,000 output) of heating. This seems oversized. Did the contractor do a manual J calculation (heat/cooling analysis)?

Is there a reason why the linesets are not being changed? I would not feel comfortable going from an R22 to R410A refrigerant without chnaging the linesets. It can be done, but you have to trust the contractor will spend the time to a proper flush.

Keep looking for contractors. You want to be happy after spending $20K+.

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The capacity would not be for heating, but for cooling.

In the summer, it gets into the 110-120 F degrees range for weeks on end. The desert is dry, almost no humidity to speak of (0 to 10%), except for the 1 or 2 weeks when humidity levels reach 40% !!

Most larger homes have two systems, and usually in the 3.5 or higher capacity.

I'm just worried that I'm being taken for a ride with pricing. To me, $11,750 per unit (no new ducting) seems overpriced, specially since "manufacturer/elec company rebates of about $2,000" are already factored in.

And I'm more particular for Trane systems. So would that mean that I'd be paying $13,000+ for Tranes?

Anyone knows what these systems should reasonably cost in California, or specifically in the Palm Springs area?

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thats very expensive in my opinion. Call some independent contractors and ask for some generalized over the phone prices to weed out expensive installers.

There is other less expensive equipment out there that is good that independent installers have access too.

You can also get quotes during the seasons that aren't as busy. You have a better chance of finding installers that will work for less than top-dollar.

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Thanks for the answer. I'll try contacting some in October, when it's 60-70 F degrees, and not much work going around in A/C or Heating.

Roughly speaking, the system I was quoted should cost how much (yes, California is more expensive, etc), but roughly speaking?


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Based on prices I received in April 2009 on similar Carrier equipment I estimate the price per system should be in the $8000 - $9000 range. I live in central New Jersey where prices may be could higher than California.

Get additional quotes. I got quotes from four contractors in my area. Three of them were within 10% of each other. The fourth one was about 25% more than the lowest bidder. This was all for the same Carrier equipment. It pays to shop around. I would not ask any contractor to provide a quote over the phone. It is not fair to him or you.

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I had a quote for $12.8k for a somewhat similar Bryant (5T 13 SEER, same furnace, ADP coil), which included demo old system and duct and replace all ductwork for 3400 square feet. I live in San Jose, so not a cheap area.

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$2,000 more for your system, but you got a 5ton, and complete new ductwork, which I'm sure included new returns and grills.
I'm getting rates of $11k for 4 ton, and no ductwork, returns or grills.
Did you get any rebates on top fo the $12.8k, or was that your total after rebates (elec. utility and/or Bryant).

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