Bosch Vision vs. LG -- depth and exhaust hose issues

calle3441May 5, 2011

So I have done a fair amount of research, and I really like the Bosch Vision FL washing machines. Unlike most others, the internal heater works on all but the cold temperature settings to keep the water at a constant temp (an LG rep told me the internal heater on LGs only kicks in for the highest setting).

My issue: the washer and dryer will be stacked in a closet (which already has a washer and dryer and proper venting) that is only 34.25 inches deep.

The Bosch dryer (WTVC4500UC) is deeper than the LG (DLG2241). So, if i got the LG, i could use the back vent in the dryer. With the Bosch I need to use the LEFT-hand side vent (it is a gas dryer, so there is no right-side venting).

The vent in the closet, though, is through the ceiling on the RIGHT-hand side on the dryer. This means I would need one or two elbows (in addition to the side venting kit) to vent the Bosch, but none for the LG.

Any thoughts on how, if at all, this set up will impact the Bosch drying? I live in a condo, so my vent leads to a central vent for the building.

Also, the Bosch is 6.7 cubic feet. The LG is 7.2. Is this a huge difference?

Many thanks for any thoughts/comments you have!

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Have you looked into using a flat rectangular vent duct instead of a typical round one? Our stacked LG washer dryer are also installed in a closet and to save on space my husband got this flat vent which works really well in tight spaces.

I really like my LG washer and dryer - got them in early December - but your sales rep is right about the heater. I'd be hesitant about Bosch as I have read that they will no longer make washing machines for the US market.

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Bosch will stop their 27" line of washers/dryers end of this year. If that's a concern for you long term (re: parts/service).

I did a ton of research last year and ended up purchasing the Miele W4842/T9822 in February of this year. Not stackable for you. My second runner up would have been an LG. I'm not a fan of the Bosch (feels cheaply made to me). My sales guy (who's a big Miele seller) prefers Miele first (obviously) but Samsung and LG next.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch to terminate 27

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Many thanks for the info! Izeve, what lg models did you get? Also, do you have any more info about the vent u used? Is it rigid? Does it make any noise when the washer and dryer are on? Thanks again!

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Yes, the vent is rigid metal and and sort of a flat rectangle in shape, not sure about the specific brand, but check the link to get an idea what it looks like. No issues with noise, venting ability or otherwise.

We got WM2301 and a matching dryer on a great Black Friday special - I think this model is no longer available but there is another one that replaced it. I was looking to replace a Whirlpool Duet Sport set that still worked fine but without a heater. I am very pleased with the LGs so far. Great capacity, less vibration than the Duet Sport, great cleaning ability. I use the Extra Hot cycle quite often (typically 2 Sanitary or Baby Wear cycles a week). This is our 4th FL and so far the best we had. I did not want to spend a lot of money on the machine, the pair was $1K so it was a great deal.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rectangular vent duct

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BTW, our laundry closet is 34.5" deep from the wall to the door. The machines are a tight fit but they fit and work fine. The dryer is DLE2301, both are fairly basic models. I didn't need complicated features, I just wanted an internal heater in the washer.

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Thank you!!! Much appreciated.

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The size difference of 1/2 cubic foot - to put in terms of every-day items, this is the same as 3.75 gallons. You will need to decide if the size of nearly four gallons of milk is a huge size difference.

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I find the size of the opening deceiving. I was told LG has the largest opening in the industry and it makes the drum "seem" so much larger.

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I purchased the Bosch Vision 500 set this past February and I absolutely love them. I've had a Bosch DW for 7 or so years w/o ever an issue, so I'm not concerned they will no longer manufacture them. Bosch is a reputable company so getting parts should not be an issue.

As to your Dryer situation, there is absolutely no reason that you could not get the Bosch Washer and the LG Dryer. They should be able to make the stack kit work or their should be a way to stack them. That would solve your venting issues and still give you a great washer in the process.

GL with your decision.

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bigdogmom_pa, glad you're still enjoying your machines. I am thoroughly enjoying my Mieles as well - so looks like we both picked right.

I read somewhere that Bosch will supply parts for only 10 years.

It's certainly something to consider when choosing. Since LG is the leader in FL sales in NA, I don't expect them to shut down production any time soon.

Unless I was getting the Bosch at a steep discount, I wouldn't go for it (that's me).

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I love my Bosch Vision.

Cheap feel next to Miele? Yes.

Cheap feel next to LG? LOL.

Bosch has committed to make parts for the next 10 years.

As is standard industry practice, many parts retailers will stock up at the end of models part run.

By the time there are not parts available you don't want repair your Vision.

They are going cheaply on the EBay.

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deeageaux, I guess we'll agree to disagree.

Bosch most definitely felt cheaper than LG. I wanted to love the Bosch machines but just couldn't get myself to. The detergent drawer didn't slide smoothly, the controls felt flimsy and the plastics felt cheap.

In contrast, I found the LG (while not Miele for sure) felt nice. The drawer slid super smooth, the controls worked effortlessly. It felt better than all the competition (Samsung about equal). The Whirlpool, Maytag and Electrolux all felt cheaply made.

Maybe you're scoffing because it's Korean made (not sure) but it did feel the nicest. Of course, I purchased the Miele when all was said and done but I would have considered the LG and not the Bosch as a second runner up. I would have looked closer at Samsung but they don't make a gas dryer for Canada.

That's my opinion of course.

I just think with all the options available today, why would you pick something that is being discontinued. It's not even like they are redesigning the line ... it's just "real, real, gone".

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I've had the Bosch 500 DLX (WFVC6450UC) since Oct 2009. I also have been selling appliances since 1995. Here are a couple of things I know....

All Bosch Vision dyrers have reverse tumble - this helps clothes not get stuck in the middle and come out slightly damp when the cycle is over. They are low in temp - max temp at 140, delicate temp is 120. With a higher air flow (280 cfm), drying results are more gentle than other brands. Less heat equals less fabric damage, less shrinking, and less color fading. This is like a bigger version of a European compact dryer (Asko, Bosch, Miele)

If you can buy the WFVC6450UC or WFVC4400UC with the "drum sanitize" option try to do so. These are only available at the independents. This cycle will run for 90 mins at 175 degrees. Run it once a month (no clothes) and it will break down all the soap scrud and residue. I don't know of any other mfg that does this.

The Exxtra Sanitary cycle is amazing at cleaning whites, towels, sheets, dish rags, etc. 150 degree temp maintained during entire wash portion of cycle, and a 171 degree boost for 4 minutes to kill bacteria.

I think Bosch service is better also. More established network of service providers and better parts distribution. Hopefully Bosch will keep parts for 10-15 years for the Vision and Nexxt full-size laundry units. They will still be making the smaller Axxis models going forward.

If it matters at all, they are made in the USA.

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