Electric Air Cleaner not working

Damian_1999September 25, 2012

My furnance has a Electric Air Cleaner (Sears model# 281.839100)

The Cleaner seems to not be powering on.

I verified that the electrical wire running to it does carry power when the furnance fan comes on with a voltage tester.

I verified that the electrical connections from the electrical wire to the cleaner are good.

I have cleaned the filter and cell.

The cleaner's power switch is in the "ON" position.

When the furnance fan kicks on, neither the cleaner's Power light or it's Operating light ever comes on.

The "Test" button does not make the cleaner give a "crackling" sound to indicate its functioning properly when pressed as stated on the unit.

Since the furnance/cleaner is old, I thought maybe those light bulbs might be burnt out, but while the furnance is running I do not hear the cleaner making the "arcing" or "clicking" sound that they make when attracting the dirt.

The furnance and cleaner was existing when I bought the house so I do not have a manual for it.

Could there be a fuse in this model that needs replaced?

Any info for this model would be helpful.


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There are several things to verify - carefully! The power switch may be defective. There may be a fuse that has burnt or there may be a problem with the high voltage circuit such as burnt components (resistors or semi conductors), defective capacitors or just cold solder (defective) joints on a printed circuit board.

If you know what you're doing you may be able to trouble shoot this but there may also be risks. The risk is that even with the power OFF and the unit removed, there might be enough stored high voltage in some of the capacitors to give you a jolt or damage your meter.

Unless you know how to safely discharge high voltage circuits it may not be advisable to 'tinker' inside this unit!

I offer this cautionary advice as someone that as an electronic technician has serviced many high end tube amplifiers and as a ham radio operator that has serviced high power VERY high voltage RF transmitters.


Here is a link that might be useful: Kenmore Electronic Air Cleaner

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