Are colorful FL's too trendy?

drewemMay 16, 2012

Going to buy new Front Loaders. Leaning toward Electrolux due to good reviews. Love the colorful ones, but don't want them to become dated too quickly. Are they too trendy?

For those of you who have them, do you ever think, oh I wish I bought white ones? How do you feel after a few years of owning them?

This will be in a laundry room that you walk through to go to the garage, or from the garage into the kitchen.

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I have the Elextrolux EWFLS70J front loader in Turqouis Sky, i actually had to wait a few months for the Turqouis sky, or the red hot red, as they said they were back ordered because they were really popular, so i couldnt wait and i had bought the white one at first, but due to a leak it developed i exchanged it for the Turqouis sky.

Now the white one was nice, but very plain looking to me, it was said to have a pearl like sparkle, but i didnt see it, i am in love with the turqouis sky, although the color is a little dark, and in the garage, its more like a dark green, unless the headlights of the car light it up then you can see how pretty the paint really is. I would have gone with either the red or green, but i couldnt wait any longer for a washer and the red one was another month wait, or get the green or white again. I love the green, have had it 5 months and it still sparkles. for you, depending on the placement, i would go with the red (thats if you liek red) if in fact the garage is dark, like mine. Unless you have windows in your garage, you wont be able to see the full potential of the turqouis sky (or green as i call it!) let me know what you choose!

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Colors come and go. No way to tell. In the late seventies, for instance, everything was avocado. Haven't seen any of that for a while. Black-everything was where it was at more recently. Stainless seems to be having its heyday right now in kitchens although not so much in the laundry.

Get what you pleases you now. Whatever you choose will become passe in due course. The artists and designers are already working to make sure of it.

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I would get a red one in a heartbeat. Very racy. Red is always in style and it sure brightens up a boring laundry day.

My FL set is white with a little silver trim and they match the other stuff I have but red would be much more fun.

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We've had dark blue Samsung set for about 7 years. Not tired of them at all. For us, white would have been fine, even if a "boring" option. If the blue had cost more, I wouldn't have paid it. But I do like the spike of color in what otherwise is a rather utilitarian laundry room.

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Today's appliances aren't built like yesteryear's avocado and harvest gold machines.

I seriously doubt any of them will last long enough to become seriously "outdated" in color.

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I've had a pair of red LG's for about a year and half how and absolutely love them. But red is my favorite color by far so no surprise there ;-) I had white FL washers and dryers before and they were fine but the red set makes me smile every time I do laundry. However, I wouldn't pay extra for color - mine came at a really great price and I am happy with their performance, too. So the bottom line is, I wouldn't spend extra money to get a color and I would never buy a washer based on the color alone, unless it was a brand and model I wanted anyway.

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Thanks! I do love the red and blue ones... It does seem like the colorful ones are more expensive.

How about the Stainless looking ones? So many choices!

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When shopping last weekend, I found that various colors were typically 1-200 more than plain white.

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Oh the age old question..... Style or sustenance?

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I thought that Electrolux was a good brand, so it would not be an issue of style over sustenance as you call it. I am not talking about a cheap no name type washer/dryer. Top of the line.

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No I'm not talking about the brand or quality level but if you have to pay more for any color than white you are paying more for style. for a washer and dryer that sets in a utility room or basement no one really sees much not worth it. but now if its in my kitchen and everyone sees it I want something that looks good to and I'll pay for it. that's just me but then I try to be frugal to a point.

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I'm quite sure the recent explosion in unusually-colored laundry appliances is a ruse to sell dryers to people who only need new washers, and to convince them to replace both as a set again in the future when only one gives out.

Many of the colorful new dryers cost twice what white rear-control-panel dryers with the same features from the same manufacturer cost, and the drums and inner components are often shared. But those old-fashioned dryers look quaint and misproportioned next to a taller candy-apple-red front-load washer.

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By the same logic, there wouldn't be an ounce of style in your bedroom and bathroom because no one sees them.

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Suburbannnd I think you are taking my logic a bit too far. As far as bathrooms and bedrooms those are places you see and spend time in so yes you want those to look nice. some of us also only have one bath in our house or apartment so guests see them. Laundry areas are not often seen by guests and are not rooms we plan to be in often, they are work rooms. I can see if it is in a Mud room or other entry way fixing it up like the rest of the house.

For me my washer and dryer are in a dungeon like basement in a near 100 year old town house no point in getting pretty colored machines there. Mine don't even match. I have a Samsung Steam washer on a pedestal with a wide body Kenmore hamper door dryer next to it... it's an old style rear control kind.(gasp!) but they seem to work well together and the dryer wasn't very old when I got the washer so I seen no reason to replace it. I would like a steam dryer but I had older kitchen appliances I would rather replace first.

But if you must get pretty washers and dryers and you can afford it I guess way not.

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I'm being misunderstood. I have no qualms against attractive laundry rooms - indeed, given that several I've seen much be walked through when entering the house from the garage or side entrance, and are thus the first inside view of the house many people see, I'm usually the one urging homeowners to spruce up their laundry rooms.

I was merely commenting on why distinctively-colored laundry machines have become so common in the 2000s, after decades of availability in white or ivory only, and why the color selection in other major appliances is smaller. The marketing strategy seems to be: homeowner's washing machine break, goes to store to buy new one, sees an expensive but cool-looking metallic seafoam green washer, wants to buy it but realizes it will make the old white dryer look out of place, figures the dryer will need replacement soon anyway, so buys the matching-color dryer too. Then, years later, when one of the machines needs replacement (or the laundry area is remodeled), seafoam green is no longer available, so homeowner again has to buy two machines, now both metal-flake red (or taupe, or sky blue).

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