Miele W4842 vibration/shaking solved & fixed

larsi_gwMay 26, 2010

My new W4842 washer cleans so amazingly, but the vibration and shaking was, IMO, not tolerable or acceptable.

I finally got Miele to come out this a morning...and they found and fixed the problem!!

During the installation (by authorized Miele Installers), they did not properly attach the pedestal to to the machine. They barely screwed them together (actually the Miele tech said they were not essentially connected), and also a small bracket was broken during installation. Also, several rubber feet were not locked in place...so with each load/spin cycle, the machine was unbalancing/un-leveling itself each load!

They tested 2 loads, with different load sizes and fabric weights with 2 cycle options and both High and Max spin speeds.

WOW...the machine is SO quiet. So happy, they found it...I was getting worried and annoyed. Miele Service is amazing!!!

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Mine vibrates also, so I removed the pedestal drawer and guess what? One of the long bolts in the back right was loose and free as a bird! The vibration unscrewed the lock nut above the rubber foot as well. Installers are coming back out tomorrow. I hope mine goes as well as yours!

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Yes, I hope yours goes well too. I actually had an authorized Miele tech come out, not the installers. He was really upset, that the delivery team set up a machine, that was not properly connected. My 2 weeks of daily frustration could have been avoided, if the Installers just did it right in the first place.

I called our authorized Miele retailer and Installer and told them what happened (altough the Miele tech said he has to report this incident to Miele headquarters in NJ).

I set a Swedish Crystal wine glass (with water in it:) on top of the machine during the final few mins of the Max Spin cycle. While there is vibration, the water and the glass stayed basically in place. Also, I could not hear the machine spinning, when I was down the hall in the kitchen. The difference is night and day!

Good Luck, and keep us posted!

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Careless installs seem to be the curse of so many of these purchases. Happy to learn Miele stepped up and did right by you. Most of us are on our own. In my experience, installers sort of more-or-less level the thing and walk away. Nobody spends the time the job deserves.

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Wow, I guess I should be a bit more appreciative of my husband's installation of our Miele -- stacked units even. He wanted to save the $200 and do it himself, and I helped him lift the dryer on top and screw it into the stacking kit. The things are sitting in my garage like a tank... never budges.

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The installers were very professional and are trained by Miele. Unfortunately, something is amiss with this one bolt. The dealer offered to have the installers come back to do make sure it was done correctly. If I still have problems I will contact Miele directly.

For those of you with the pedestals, are they clipped together or is there a gap between them?

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Here is a link to the actual Miele PDF regarding the proper installation of the pedestals: Miele Pedestal

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We've had 4 sets of W48xx washer and dryers, and they were always "un-clipped" and with pedestals. We have about a 2 inch gap between our current set, W4842 & T9802.

I'm on my 4th load of laundry today, and I feel like I have a brand new machine :). Can't believe for 2 weeks, I've had to deal with the horrible vibration and shaking. It is now SO quiet, and really balanced. SO happy!! Love Miele!!!

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Hmmm. We had the Miele authorized people out here and they couldn't do a thing about the vibration. In fact, I'm listening to it now, and it's not quiet at all in spin. We're upstairs and I can hear it pretty loud, as if it were a whirlpool or something. Not all the time, just at certain times.

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I've been disassembling and studying some of the vibration issues and noise. I've also been able to solve some (and this is not related to the proper leveling of the feet). If I find the time I'll post a thread and pics. After over two years of ownership, our W 4840 is quieter than its ever been (not that it was loud to begin with) after I've done some tweaks.

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Even though the Miele installers as supposedly factory trained, if they are rushed from one install to the next, mistakes can happen. I would contact Miele directly and see if a SERVICE technician can be dispatched to look at your machine.


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Larsi, does this news mean that you didn't have any defective W4842's, rather they were both installed wrong?

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Our first W4842 was for sure defective. It did not vibrate, shake or rattle, but... It had the rubber boot shredding into thousands of small pieces, the soap tray had to be fixed, the machine kept saying the door was open during loads and the Hygiene Info would come on, even after during a Sanitize or Clean Machine cycle!

Now, the second one (the one Miele gave us as a warranty replacment...the one I got rid of within a week of), I am now thinking maybe it had a drawer/pedestal issue and was unbalanced. I do not know though, since the Installer were sent by Miele Headquarters themeselves and the Installers returned the next day, and they said they "fixed" the machine. They were very young, and seemed like "hung over" frat guys after a party night!! I was really surprised and not happy, that this was the company Miele sent themselves! I guess I will never know, since I got rid of the machine and went to Electrolux for about 2-3 weeks. No real issues with the Electrolux (they were SO quiet & clothes were very clean, but I did not like the dryer very much and build materials were poor and the doors were questionable).

I'm now on load 6 with my current W4842...and it is PERFECT!

Also the new T9802 Electric Dryer is AMAZING. I had Miele program it like my old T9800. I had them set the Normal cycle a little warmer and the Cooling Down period to Extended. Now even using Normal, nothing is left damp, and the clothes are left SO soft, fluffy and 100% wrinkle free. The Extended Cooling Down Program is a must. The new dryer is even quieter than the T9800 (and that one was pretty quiet). The build materials on both the W4842 and T9802 cannot be compared to any other machine in the world. The doors, glass and plastics feel like an old (old, in a good way :) Mercedes-Benz. Teutonic, over-built and bank vault solid. SO happy.

Wow, what a roller coaster month of laundry and financial stress and aggravation. In the end, Miele proved best for me. Now our entire house is Miele, and knowing that Miele Service comes out (with parts with them) is a big peace of mind. Danke Schön Miele!!! :)


Just did a load of my son's clothes at 6am (while everyone else was sleeping...Normal, Very Warm, Max Spin). I am in the room next to the laundry room & my 3 year old son's room is directly above the laundry room. I did not even know the machine entered the Max Spin cycle and was complete, until I walked in the laundry room. Miele made the machine Electrolux/Samsung quiet and balanced. Amazing actually!!

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Did the installers come out yesterday, Thursday, to balance your machine, and fix the pedestal/drawer?

If so, how is is it? If they did not come out, then why?

Will you call Miele?

I've done 3 more loads (2 being heavy and bulky), and without exxageration, I do not know when my W4842 enters the Max Spin cycles. It is So quiet and so even. I am SO impressed and happy!! It is even quieter, than my old W4840 (and that was a very quiet machine).

Let us know about your W4842.

:) Larsi

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Hi Larsi,

Yes, the installers came back out and pulled the machine out, checked the bolts and lock nuts, tightened everything down, and slid the machines back into place. They said they thought they were able to take out a little bit of wobble, but that the unit seemed pretty solid to begin with. I haven't done any laundry since then, so I haven't had an opportunity to check if it made any difference.

These installers are very educated about Miele. I asked them about the installation instructions showing the pedestals clipped together. They attend Miele trainings apparently and said Miele issued a memo stating that the stands should NOT be clipped together. The reason wasn't indicated in the memo, but I suspect it's due to vibration. If the pedestals are clipped together, there is very little, if any, gap between the washer and dryer. If the washer vibrates, it will also vibrate the dryer and possibly cause damage to the paint/enamel.

I will probably be doing some laundry this weekend and will report my findings. They did suggest that some of the vibration could be due to the unit sitting on top of a slate floor that is uneven in some spots. Although the machine appears to sit pretty solidly on those tiles and there is no obvious wobble.

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sshrivastava ,

So....have you done some laundry yet? I am so curious to see if your installers got your machine vibration and noise free!

I just did 2 more loads, so about 8-9 since Miele Service fixed my broken pedestal/drawer and balanced the W4842...it is SO amazingly quiet and balanced. Just now, the machine entered into Max Spin while my son was sleeping, and I did not even have to close the laundry room drawer. It's funny...now the loudest part of the machine, is when the door unlocks at the end of the cycle. Seriously, that is how I know the load is done...I cannot hear the spin cycle, just the door lock mechanism unlocking! I feel like I'm on a honeymoon. I have fallen in love again with Miele!!

Let us know about your machine.

I hope you and everyone else are having a nice, long Memorial day weekend (and enjoying the heat!). Where I am in So. California, we are on day 2 of high heat...95F. :-o

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Please post what you have done to keep your W4840 quiet (pics too would be awesome:). While us newer W4842 owners might not need this info yet, I think it would be great for owners of older W4840 units!


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@larsi: After running a few loads today, balance and vibration appears much better than before. It's a shame the W48XX is so sensitive to even the slightest leveling issues. Before the re-visit by the installers, bubble levels showed almost perfect level in all directions and no "wobble", but something was amiss - perhaps it was the loose bolt in the pedestal causing sympathetic vibrations. However, I don't want people to think the machine is totally vibration-free. If the unit spins with an unbalanced load, the machine will vibrate. No amount of leveling can fight the laws of nature unless you have a much more advanced suspension system, which the W48XX lacks.

I'm happy as a clam!

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We still have the vibration problem on our W4842 and still the too hot or too damp problem with the matching gas dryer. We just tried to get Miele to take them back and they denied the request. Our sales rep even took it too higher levels and they denied him too. They claim the technician said that our floor was not solid enough and that is what is causing the vibration. We had a two FL's before Miele, a Kenmore Elite model and a Bosch model and neither of them had vibration problems, so I really don't believe it is our floor. We purchased Miele based on their reputation and supposively good service. I would say their service stinks. I know that can't always be the case, but it sure is with ours. When spending 4k plus you should not expect this.

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Have Miele and/or the installers check to make sure one of the legs (or multiple legs) have not come undone, that connect the machine to the pedestal/drawers. Also, VERY important whether you have the pedestals or not, the nut lock, must be tight on the adjustable rubber feet that make contact with the floor...or use will continue to move them, and make horrible vibrating and shaking!

I had TWO Miele Techs tell me that Miele Electric Dryers are SUPREMELY better than Miele's ONE gas offering (T9820/T9822). Most of the world uses Electric, and they just work better.

You can though, have Miele adjust your Normal setting to be a little warmer and the moisture level to be dryer. By default, the Normal cycle is more like a European Damp Dry. Also, you MUST, MUST have them set the dryer to Exteneded Cool Down/Extended reverse tumble. At the end of the cycle, the machine will do a back & forth, back & forth cool down. The clothes are totally dry, yet SOFT, FLUFFLY and virtually Wrinkle Free!! It is a must, IMO.

Also, I use Normal dry cycle, PLUS I activate the Gentle Option. Since the setting/option Miele programmed has the Normal a little warmer and dryer...the Gentle Option activated makes the temp heat up and cool down more gently. I use Normal + Gentle Option for 99.9% of ALL my laundry!

I hope it is the rubber feet, and/or the pedestal. Since Miele themselves re-leveled the machine and properly attached the pedestal drawers to the machine...HONESTLY, it is almost Electrolux/Samsung VRT quiet. Seriously, I know the load is done, when I hear the loud electro-mechanical door lock mechanism un-lock. The Spin speeds and cycles are SO, SO quiet. Honestly!! Good Luck, and I hope these dryer re-programming tips help. These programs made my T9800 and new T9802 the BEST dryers in the world!! LOVE my W4842 washer and actually love the dryer even more (if that is possible :)

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