Tigerdunes please read

TotsieSeptember 30, 2012

Please offer your advice-Read my post concerning ptrap setup.. Not clear to me on the advice I have received because I want to know what question I need to ask the installer and be informed a little anyway ...if it is incorrect need to decide to let him continue the work..Thank you very much

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brickeyee answered your question in your thread in this FORUM.

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I wanted the answer to my question about proper install before the ptrap or after or does it make a difference as long as itis capped? Thanks..

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I think you're simply being obtuse. Did you not read brickeyee's post?

I'm just a homeowner so I'm out. lol

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I read your other thread. You don't need to worry which side it is on. Just have them put a cap on the riser vent they put in and you will be fine. It is not necessary for it to be there at all. but it won't hurt a thing capped but it does need to be capped.

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