Washer dryer cabinet install

mattt19May 12, 2009

I'm trying to figure out how to install a washer dryer in a cabinet. I'm redoing my kitchen - the washer dryer will be side by side under a countertop. I'd like to install doors on the front of the cabinet to hide the appliance. I'm running into two problems. The first is - each door will be about 30" wide. Will they warp? Secondly, depth wise I have a maximum of 32" to work with. Subtracting 1" for the countertop over hang and 3/4" for the cabinets (face frame, inset ) I'm left with 30 1/4" for the washer dryer and hook ups. The washer is 27.75" deep and the dryer is 28.5" deep. The architect I'm working with claims that I need 5" clearance behind the appliances for hookups. The appliance manuals show 0" clearance needed.

Has anyone here placed these appliances in a cabinet behind doors? Is rear clearance an issue? The dryer is on an exterior wall. Could it vent straight out the wall from the back of the machine? If the washing machine outlet box is installed flush with the wall how much clearance is needed to hook the hoses up?


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I have the exact same predicament, so am very interested in hearing options for solutions. My laundry room is adjacent to my kitchen, and I want to take down the wall that separates them so that the space will be more open. I would put the washer and dryer behind (sliding?) cabinet doors that match my kitchen cabs, and install granite across the top of the counter to match what's in the kitchen.

So I too am looking for a way to do this, and knowing the necessary clearance will help me choose my new washer and dryer (preferably gas).


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I've figured out how to install the washer dryer in a cabinet . The problem that I can't find a way around is access to the soap drawer. All of the models that I've looked at have a sliding soap dish located at the top of the machine. The washing machine needs to sit back far enough from the opening so that the cabinet doors can close without hitting the washing machine controls or door handle. this puts the machine so far back in the cabinet that the soap dish is inaccessible. I can't figure out a way around this

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We're just building our cabinets for our washer & dryer. We're using Blum pocket door hardware. Hope it helps.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I suppose it's possible that 0" of clearance would work if you don't have to have any cords, water lines or venting out the back. Otherwise, I don't see that as being possible.

Will the doors warp? Depends on the material and construction.

Many people here have commented that either they need extra deep cabinets or the washer and dryer will stick out from standard cabinets from a few inches. Sounds like it's the same issue for you.

Another thought. If you can have it perfectly lined up you could certainly have a nice short straight shot out for the vent. Would certainly maximize the drying efficiency as far as venting. But when you think about the size of the vent, if you have to run it and elbows, you'll need some space. Also keep in mind if you ever have to replace the dryer you probably won't have the exact same measurements and keep in mind facilitating access for repairs and maintenance. There are some "periscope" rectangular units that might save a bit of space.

Is it really a problem to have it come out a few inches? Or could you make the surrounding cabinets all a bit deeper?

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To install the dryer there's this - http://www.dryerbox.com. Water lines - this - http://www.plumbingsupply.com/washing-machine-outlet-boxes.html

The zero clearance comes from the manufacturer. I don't see why it isn't possible.

Chris, what model washer are you using? All of the machines that I've looked at, once in a cabinet, the soap dishes won't extend out far enough to use

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After much deliberation, the AEG Lavamat 64810 & matching dryer. We have the dryer box installed too. My husband is building the cabinets so custom sizing isn't a problem. Each cabinet will have two doors that completely recess back into the cabinet. The soap dish extends out 8" from the face of the washer.

I wanted doors that slid back into the cabinets so they'd be out of my way while doing laundry. Even tho' the w&d are only 24" wide, a one door option per appliance gave us a very tight fit.

I hope this helps.

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I am looking for ideas regarding putting a stackable washer/dryer in a cabinet with doors. I found this forum and messages, but there have been no updates for about a month, and no pictures.
mattt19 or anyone else -- Have you completed your cabinets? Can you show us some pictures?
Very interested in your experience as I am about to undertake a similar project. Any info would be appreciated.

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