pics of 180FX Formica

hennieJanuary 7, 2010

Hi, in another thread someone asked to see what the 180FX Formica countertop looked like. Well, I have it and here it is. My kitchen is not finished yet, had a lot of problems with the cupboard installation. The 180FX is very pretty and I like it a lot. This is called Espirito Santo.

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OOoo, that was me :) It's beautiful! I really like how the edge is treated...thank you so much!

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me too! I really like that - guess I'll need to get a sample of it also. I didn't like it as much on their site as i do in your pics.

do your edges just round down or do they go up high a bit before rounding down?

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Wow, that looks really great!

What cabinets did you get? They're really nice, also.

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Thanks for posting. I was one who was wanting to see it as well. Looks great!

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Thanks I wanted to see this too!

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than some.

I love the 180FX. Really a great alternative.

It looks great with your wood cabinets.


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Hennie-how much was it per sq ft or lineal foot and what type of edge is that? Looks great!

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The cost of the countertop was $466.00 for 18 linear feet. With installation the total was $831.00. I don't know if that is expensive or not for laminate. I am not sure what the edge is called. I do know that it is seamless and it wraps around underneath but as for the exact title of it, I am clueless. It is not a no drip. The old countertop was and kind of had a lip on it, but this one does not. It is more in keeping with a real granite look, or so they tell me. The only thing I would say about this busy countertop is that it is very difficult to see anything on it, i.e., crumbs, spots, whatever. I have to bend down and look at it at an angle to make sure it is totally clean. I like it, but that is one thing you need to know.

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Hennie-thanks much for the great info. I am so confused. Lowes is quoting me a price of $1790 uninstalled for 41 linear feet for a middle of the road edge. If I am doing my math right, that is $43.00 per linear foot! Yours is more like $26.00 which sounds way more reasonable. Can anyone shed any light on why my quote is so high? They quoted me $3017 for the same job in GRANITE (lowest price level) INSTALLED. I am baffled. Help! Anyone else who has a quote in hand please share! Thanks

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erin - that sounds right to me. use hennie's cost w/ installation. her's comes out to about 45.00 including the installation.

dang. that does look good. i'll have to get a sample of it also. it has more gold and white in it than butterum.

so it's double what i was quoted for the 'old' formica laminates...

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but mine was $41 without install....

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Lowes quoted me $27 per square foot (not linear) when I asked them about the 180fx. I am not sure what edge profile I quoted that day though. At Menards the the 180fx price is the same as all of the other radiance finish formica's.

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Very nice Hennie! I really love your edge and it matches your cabinets.

Debelli, I think that color would look very nice with your cabinets. Have you got the house yet?

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Hennie - that looks great!

erinb007, that does sound expensive for Formica. I recently was debating between formica and granite and was quoted about $900 for 46 linear feet of formica at Lowes and $2700 for granite at a local granite warehouse. Personally, we went with the granite, mostly because of the look we were looking for. Double check with the kitchen designer again at Lowes that seems so high, if that's the case I'd go for granite for the extra $$.

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My Lowes quoted 29.00 linear foot today. I still havent picked a color, but, it probably isnt going to be the FX because, even though it is beautiful, there just isnt a lot of color choices in it yet. I have a couple in the etchings, and a couple in the radiance, that go better in my kitchen, since my dining room, and family room, are all combined with the kitchen, and colors there have to be taken into consideration too.

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well we live close to 3 different Lowes Stores, we were qouted 3 different prices for the 180 fx, at each of the stores. What is going on?

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