cleaning off chewing gum

woodnymph2_gwMay 10, 2013

How do you remove chewing gum from the sole of a canvas shoe? (I'm serious). Tried scraping it with a knife but got nowhere.

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Lestoil will do it! Just do not allow this product to set too long or the color in that area will fade.

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Citri-solve will do it as well, without discoloration or unpleasant odor.

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Ice the gum first to harden it then scrape with a blunt edge knife. The ice will harden the gum allowing it to scrape off in chunks vs getting stringy. The water will also help make the gum surface slick vs sticky. The beauty of ice is you don't have to worry about fading or staining from any solvents.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for these tips. I got most of it off with a knife and steel wool.

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