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perkerkMay 20, 2011

Hi, we bought a Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer, just over a year ago, for our new house under construction. We also have Whirlpool front-loading washer and dryer in the old home, and had problems getting those serviced. At any rate, I just finished setting up and installing the new ones, and was missing the drain hose retainer and the shipping bolt covers - a few plastic parts. Because the w&d are "out of warranty" Whirlpool wants to charge me something on the order of $50 to replace them. The parts aren't especially important, but knowing the level of support from the manufacturer is.

A couple years ago I decided to stop patronizing manufactures with poor service polices and quality, and it has really made a huge difference in my life (much less stress and time in dealing with poor customer service all around). Whirlpool is now on my no-buy list. Does anyone have opinions on appliance manufacturers both with reliable products and good customer service?

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I guess to ask your question in a different way would be...

How long should a manufacturer of a product provide free parts and/or service on a product?
1 year
2 years
5 years

Would you be willing to pay more for your product if it automatically came with a longer warranty?

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"...drain hose retainer and the shipping bolt covers..."

"Whirlpool is now on my no-buy list"

Give me a break! This is really trivial stuff. It's like black-balling your car dealer and Mfgr because your new car was missing caps for the tire valves. By all means be annoyed, but what you've written is a huge over-reaction.

Does the machine work? Mine has....flawlessly for six years, now. Drain hose retainer not used. Shipping bolt covers would be in back so I don't even know if they're there....and couldn't care less.

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Asolo.........Every time I come across a reply of yours it's always negative............Why even bother replying?

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Didn't know you were keeping track, mark. Think I'll continue posting whatever I like whenever I like, though. I invite you to do the same.

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The length of the warranty is not going to solve poor service and if A&E is the servicer nothing would help except finding someone else anyone else

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That's not necessarily true. I had a perfectly satisfactory service experience with A&E.

That being said, there are hundreds of independent servicers who can handle repairs in or out of warranty. Using A&E is not always a *requirement*.

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Asolo is often the only reasonable voice in some of these threads. If he seems negative it is because he is commenting on some bad information or hypereactive person.

I have had a Whirpool HD set for almost 5 years now with no problems. (OK, the dryer has a little squeak. At least I can hear it running). I am having a Whirlpool dishwasher delivered Friday. It was the best example of features and price I could find. I hope it is as reliable as the W/D.

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The basis of this post was a complaint that Whirlpool would not provide free parts after their 1 year warranty expired and that Whirlpool is now on the posters No Buy list because of it.

This, and only this, based on the value system of the poster, qualifies as bad customer service.

The poster is not interested in the quality of the machine or at least doesn't mention it. So you can easily jump to the premise that if they get 15 or 20 years of care free service (way beyond the norm) that W/P will still be on their no buy list because the poster lost some parts that the manufacturer would not provide for free.

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