Samsung 328 Washer and Dryer review

parkgtMay 31, 2008

Picked up the pair in white at Lowes during the Memorial Day sale for $1650 and another $159 for the extended warranty covering both for an additional 4 years. Washer WF328AAW, Dryer DV328AEW. They replaced a set of Kenmore's that were over 15 years old and still running after some minor DIY repairs over the years.

First off thanks to all on this site for posting so much valuable information. This 55 yr. old male has learned more about laundry in the last six weeks than I did in the previous 55 years.

Like most I went back and forth between several brands of front loaders and finally decided it was between the Bosch 500 Plus and one of the Samsungs. The finicky nature of the Bosch dryer venting that some have reported and the door broken on the floor sample washer, plus the less elegant controls steered me to the Samsung line. Would have liked the Bosch washers profile washing though.

The lower end 328 and the high end 338 are the washers available with the Stainless diamond washer tub like the Miele. While we could have afforded the steam pair, our use as two empty nester's did not seem to justify the added expense.

Brought them home and installed and leveled them myself on a concrete linoleum topped utility room floor without problems. The vibration reduction works great the washer barely vibrates during spin and has not moved at all.

Reading many hundreds of posts here made the switch to front loading methodology less dramatic; Charlie's soap is on order, so far using Tide He and vinegar.

Wash result have been fantastic and some old pillow cases on sanitize (2hrs 5mins)were hard to believe. The diamond tub does seem like it would help with less snagging and wear. The controls allow just about any combination I think we would need. And the internal heater is used in several cycles.

The dryer is a dryer and does the job as expected with a nice stainless drum and easy to clean lint filter.

At this point not much else to say except that we feel we purchased a reasonable priced set with sufficient quality and controls and are enjoying the many benefits of a front loader.

I will report back if problem develop.


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Wow this model Samsung is the only front loader I am considering after doing much research. I am looking to replace my Kenmore top loader on a 2nd floor laundry area and the Samsung VTR is the only one that is endorsed for vibration issues. Can you tell me though does the clothing tangle at all after washing? I read a few reviews on another site that said they had tangling issues. Also can you really place more wash in the unit then the top loaders and do you have any problems with the machine going out of balance? I am still looking at a few top loaders but my husband really likes the front loaders so my research has led me to this model. Is their anything about the Samsung you don't like? Thanks for your help.

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The tangling has not been issue for us yet. With three large sheets and five pillow cases off a split king there was some, but it didn't present a problem.

Yes, we can wash more than fit in our older Kenmore TL.

Haven't seen any balancing issues.

Haven't found a negative yet.

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Can you confirm with cycles use the internal heater besides santize? If they've started using the heater in more cycles that is a definite improvement.

At least with the original VRT model Samsung claimed the heater only worked in sanitize. Getting accurate information about this level of detail from the manufacturer is very difficult.

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Could you tell me how the wrinkle release feature works on the dryer? we too are trying to decide between this model and the 338 and cannot decide if the steam feature is worth the extra money. our current front loader does a horrible job at wrinkel releasing unles you have 1/2 a load of laundry in the dryer to keep the garments tumbling. not sure the if the steam feature would help with that issue if there is one with this model.

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I too have recently purchased the 328's and love them. The they are in a main floor laundry room (wood subfloor with wood laminate flooring) and the washer is very quiet. The only time I hear it is when it is filling for the rinse cycle. Don't know why that is noisier than filling for the wash unless it is the sound of the water going thru a different compartment of the dispenser?? Its unbelievable how quiet it spins when its really revved up. Sometimes it will wobble slightly when its first starting to spin and then once it gets balanced and takes off - doesn't move at all. I don't think there is any cycle other than sanitize that will heat the water, but I don't understand why that would be an issue?? I mean, if you want the water that hot, why wouldn't you just choose that setting?

I really like the dryer also. As far as the wrinkle release option, I think it heats for awhile then cools down. The refresh cycle I think just heats. The wrinkle prevent will intermittantly tumble on just air for 90 minutes after clothes are dry.

I didn't see spending $300-400 more for the set for the steam option. We don't have alot of clothes that need to be dry-cleaned, so I don't think I would have used that option enough to warrant the cost.

I have used the SilverCare option once. Just wanted to see if there's a difference in the way the clothes smell, but they smell fresh regardless of the option I use. I think SilverCare is great for scrubs that would be ruined if they were bleached but yet they need sanitized. I just forget to use that option :)

Overall - thrilled with my purchase. We were replacing Maytag Neptunes purchased on '01, which are still fine (gave them to son and DIL) Never had a mold issue with them, so don't intend to have one with my new ones. I do leave the door open on my new Samsung washer so it can dry out. I didn't do that with my Neptunes because it had an interior light.

Hope this helps in your decision making. I don't think you can go wrong with the Samsungs.

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I also have the 328s and so far, so good. I use Charlie's soap and 1TB softener + vinegar in the rinse. Everything has come out clean and fluffy.

I've had minimal sheet tangling -- I use 4 dryer balls which probably helps a bit.

The units are very quiet and I've had no vibration at all.

We're still in the moving-in process and until we developed issues with our well, I was running them 3-4 times a day. As soon as the city water is hooked up, I'll be catching up big time!!

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I have a new washer and dryer, washer model 328aar and couldn't be more dissatisfied with it.This thing will only wash on cold water on the heavy and normal settings no matter where I set the water temp. If I turn on silver care it will then use hot water. If I select whites or towels it will use warm or hot. I believe it should put in hot or warm on heavy and normal too if I select that temp but it won't Is this how the others work?

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wgpettit - are you saying that even when the "hot/cold" lights up, it still only washes in cold? How do you know this, do you stop the washer and open the door? Because when I set it to "heavy duty" the hot/cold lights up. When I set it to "normal" I can choose the temp.

When I first got mine, the installers and I noticed that only cold water was running in when it was set on hot. But then I opened the door after the cycle started and the clothes were hot. I assume it heats up the water,as it has an internal heater in it.

That's too bad you don't like them. I am completely happy with mine.

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wgpettit - Maybe your water hoses are hooked up opposite to what they should be, if you are getting cold water when you want hot. If so, it should be easy to switch the hoses.

Good luck.

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Wgpettit- Yes, as Nana states, it sounds like your hoses are hooked up wrong.

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We've had this set for a little over 2 years and will not purchase another Samsung appliance! In fact, Lowes is taking them back and replacing them with our choice of a Whirlpool Duet set.

My washer started knocking while spinning (no matter what size load it held). I called several repair men who did not repair Samsung because of the trouble getting parts. Then, I realized we had bought an extended warranty and called Lowes Warranty Dept. They sent a man who checked only the back shocks and said he was ordering all 4 shocks "just because". He returned and replaced only the back shocks. It continued to knock and we (nor Lowes) could not get them by phone and we did not receive a return call. They also did not show 2x when scheduled!

While they were here (the only visit), I told them my dryer wasn't drying my clothes completely even in the normal and heavy duty settings. They checked the settings and said they were correct. They didn't suggest it may be the sensor?!?

I am now awaiting arrival of the stackable kit for my new Whirpool Duet set. I continue to use the Samsung and hear the knocking each load as well as my clothes not drying completely on any settings.

I would never buy a Samsung appliance again and urge you to purchase the extended warranty. At Lowes, it is only $100+ and the shocks cost $300+ as well as the main frame costing over $500 (if needed).

My husband called Lowes Warranty Dept. and told them he would be at the store with the washer the next day because they were going to send the same company and have us wait yet another day. He called the Mgr. at the store too. He is exchanging our set for the set of our choice with us paying any difference (which there was none).

My Samsung is the DV328AGW/XAA dryer and WF328AAW washer. By the way, the washer does twist the clothes....

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We are having a problem with our same model washer: Samsung WF328AAW/AXX, stated herein. The washer will not spin the clothes. The load before did spin, but not very dry. Put new load in, and when I went down to take out the next load, a "nd" code appeared. I then unplugged the washer and waited hoping it was simply a glitch, but now, no matter what I try to do, it simply makes a humming noise and nothing else.
Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.
Thank you.

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Model" DV328 AGW/XXA

Unfortunately the lint filter is too short for this machine.
It allows LOTS of lint to escape from the machine.
It probably builds up in the machine as well.......I have decided to hire a repairman to come out and clean inside the dryer after removing the drum etc.
I have a bad feeling about this machine.
When I clean the outside vent there is a HUGE amount of lint at the mouth of it.
THis never ever happened with the old GE dryer that I had.....and it's lint trap was a lot bigger.

This simple problem is not easily solved.
The size of the lint trap is a fixed thing.
You have to be super vigilant about the lint.

My home is full of fine dryer lint dust also !

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