Longevity of Euro machines: richard_f etc

kaismomMay 6, 2013

I am a bit dismayed to read that richard_f' Miele lasted ONLY 15 years. When I looked at washing machines in 2000, they (the sale people AND product flyers) told us 20 to 25 years for both Asko and Miele's life expectancy.

Rococogurl also has a dead Asko from that vintage.

The repair bill which is 50% or more of a new product is not something that can be absorbed into the cost of ownership.

My Asko is circa 2000 and we replaced the motor brushes and it is still going. My dryer on the other hand is making sounds as if the bearing maybe dying. I had another dryer repair a few years back that cost a few hundred. Can't remember what and when.

We have a family of 4 also.

So for Miele and Asko, I am seeing that the life expectancy is not quite what they touted.

Is there any Euro model owner that is making the 'touted' 20 year mark? Just curious.

If you recently replaced your Euro washer, how long did yours last?

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One more thing:
over time, the plastic parts have become brittle from the prolonged UV exposure. I have cracked plastic parts in both dryer and washer. They do not hinder the actual performance of the machines but they are a PITA.

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My Miele W1926's repair would have been about 40% of the cost of the new one, so it was in that gray area in terms of repair or replace. That said, the W3033 was only a few hundred $ more than the high end LG's, Samsungs. etc when I looked at potential replacements.

I think we got our money's worth with the W1926, considering that it probably averaged 8 loads a week. That's about 6,240 loads. And you have to look at what an engineer would call the failure mode. It didn't drive us insane with lots of little problems and service calls, recalls, etc. It performed perfectly until the day the motor failed. Some posted in another thread about her new Fridigaire pair that hasn't worked correctly since they day they were installed.

It's a bit of a roll of the dice no matter what you buy. I like the odds with the Miele.

Oh, no cracks in the plastic parts on our old one.

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15 years sounds good to me! When manufacturers quote any kind of number, it's usually under the most ideal of conditions and with variables closely controlled.

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it is based on operating hours, not years. euro machines have a longer cycle so think of each cycle of being almost 2 hours

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People spend 20-50 grand on an automobile that they KNOW will not outlast an average Washer Dryer with comparable repairs needed along the line. Why do we stress so much on whether it lasts 10 years or 20. If you want a Mercedes, buy a Mercedes and stop sweating the small stuff. If you are more of a bargain buyer then shop the bargain machine. There are many average machines that will last an average lifetime and have the proven record behind it. If you expect to buy the most high tech machine in the business expect to have as much a roller coaster ride with it as you would a high tech computer system. Many little unknown issues will likely crop up with new technology experience. We didnt go to the moon on the first try.

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My AEG is dead after only 5 years. In the past 5 years I've had to replace the motor in the dryer and now the washer tub. I'm in the market for a new washer and I'm reluctant to buy euro again.

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