Soapstone templating today!

gwloloJanuary 28, 2013

The M.tex guy is coming today to template. I am so excited and nervous. I hope I have everything ready. Anything I am missing?

1) Printed intallation/ template instructions for gagg induction and wok cooktops
2) Have the cardboard cutout for the prepsink
3) Have the sheets for the Karbon faucet and the Moen faucet

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Some fabricators, don't know about soapstone, want the actual sink and appliances on site. I'm assuming they told you just the cutouts were fine?

And....HOW EXCITING!! Counters!! Counters makes the kitchen seem real. Hey, how about your cabs?? We haven't seen those yet! How about a sneak peak.....pretty please! You're not holding out until the end like a big tease, are you?

Congratulations, Lalitha!

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Only thing I might suggest, we always like to have the actual sink, and or appliances on hand for verification, and not rely on a paper templates, but if your fabricator is comfortable with it, no problem. You're ahead of me by just a day or so, tore the ceramic tile out last week, and I'm hoping to template for our soapstone in the next couple days! My fabricator is doing this as a bit of favor, so I can't rush him...
What Soapstone are you using?
Ha just read breezy girls post, I'am a slow type! second time today I've duplicated someones advice

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I do have the actual appliances and sink (have had them for more than a year!)

Breezy --> Not being a tease.. My kitchen is such a simple galley that I feel progress pics are not worthy. Not like your kitchen, fishies or Bee!

Our soapstone is Belvedere..

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Yours is NOT a simple galley. Your cab choices are going to be beautiful. And that brick and the window seats....Please, can I see? And even if it was a "simple galley", it's your simple galley and you are a valued member of the forum. We are all excited to see any member making progress and want to celebrate with you!

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We love all kitchens, large and small. (Spoken from a small kitchen owner.)
And who knows? Cost wise your house might be valued two or three times the price of one of the houses here with a large kitchen.

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GWlolo, did you end up using Venice for your fabrication? where did you find your slabs? adding my plea for pics too!

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Yah, what Breezy said, we want to see!

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The soapstone fabricator from M.Tex could not come on time yesterday and came today instead. I am glad they did because he took almost 5 hrs to template my little galley. Everything was discussed. The reveals of my farm sink and drain board was figured out. Exact locations of the faucets and the soap etc. The cooktops were measured and the distances between the induction and gas, and the spacing front to back were mocked up. The driprail was measured and a sketch drawn. The edge of the contertop where it meets the refrigerator cabinet was figured out. The prep sink with the fitted cutting board was pulled out and mocked up so that the sink is closer to the edge and there is enough clearance to use the cutting board and keep the inset compost pail open. This was true craftsman at work who was super detail oriented. I was impressed!

I changed a couple of things based on his advice. I was planning a positive reveal on the farm sink and wanted to use a wood cutting board that would sit on the sinkrim. He explained to me how the water always follows a line and how it would be sure to drip over the front of the farm sink. I changed this to be flush with the inside edge of the sink. The other thing was franklin edge. I was smitten with the Franklin edge pics from older photos but in discussion with the fabricator decided on my original choices of simple eased edge. I was able to specify a honed not too shiny look. Their default look for harder soapstone like my Belvedere is more polished. This was satisfying. He did not hurry me along and was willing to try a few different options to make sure the gas wok top's venting flow was maximized.

I am still worried about where the seams will be as the slab had a couple of cloudy spots I was not too keen on.

The final install and fabrication is planned in 2 weeks time.

Breezy, Mabel, ellendi - you are kind! I will take some pics tomorrow.

Michou- the Venice guys will probably do my bath countertops but soapstone is best left to M.Tex in bay area. No one else seems to be experienced.

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Your soapstone looks beautiful. Stop teasing and start posting pix! From what I've read of your posts, your kitchen (and home) will be wonderfully functional and beautiful.

Don't make me start singing about the glamorous life :)

G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, yeah G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S
(We'd like to be along for the ride, please do post pix).

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Installation pics!
Shallow hutch over deep counters

The long run with prep sink, compost pail and cooktops

Close up of the compost pail and the prepsink

Very subtle but the holes for faucets are basically on islands. The cleanup sink is the shaw apron sink and the drain board wraps around it on all 3 sides.

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Simple, you said??? Hardly!! That stone is sooooo gorgeous! And those awesome sinks, sumptuous eggplant walls, the Solon bin, the divided light hutch cab......Wow! All of the time and thought you've put into the space is really starting to show. When it's done and you make your first meal in the new kitchen, all the function you've packed into your kitchen will blow you away.

Keep up the progress so we cal see more soon! And thanks for returning to this thread with pics! :)

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Gorgeous stone and kitchen! Which M Tex location are you using? They are supplying and fabricating our counters too.

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Wow! Love the progress pictures, your soapstone is FABULOUS! Please keep posting:)

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Oh wow, this is so awesome! Love everything so far. Where did you find your in counter compost bucket? That is so cool! Is that an in counter cutting board or is that the prep sink next to it?

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Beautiful and very glad to hear about your experience with M. Tex. in the Bay Area!

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Plumbing going in today...

Oldbat - this one is for you..

At the cleanup sink. More than a year ago, I bought the Moen faucet as it was on a deeply discounted price. I did not know about finishes and now it is bugging me a bit that the finish is stainless when the soap dispenser and other things are chrome. Does it look bad?

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fabulous counters! do you plan to oil them? i love how soapstone can be two looks in one with oil.. love the brick in your kitchen too.
just my $.02, i think the stainless and the chrome look fine together. but if it bothers you, you probably can switch out the soap dispensers with little cost. A question, do you have 2 soap dispensers at the same faucet? so luxurious!!

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Wow, I missed the stone the first time you posted it. It is "gaw-jus"! I love it!

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It's difficult for me to see the finishes enough in that pic to comment. It does look great to see faucets at those lovely sinks, though. Are those the Elkay soap dispensers? They look an awful lot like mine. :)

The look of your prep zone setup screams function. The compost bin in the counter is very handy, and I can imagine the sink shape with the two basins will make veggie prep easy. And the OTF?!? I can't wait for you to start using your kitchen and report back on how useful your prep zone is.

Love the faucet nozzle cozy!

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I am new to gardenweb, but have been lurking for a bit admiring all the pretty kitchens! lolo, the soapstone looks amazing, enjoy your new space. I am at the beginning of reno and planning so a very long way to go!

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Hey are the elkay you recommended- I have it in the kitchen and the bathroom all connected to the NeverMT. The plumber was so enamored with it that I gave him the extra NeverMt I had. He was really thrilled.

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Breezy spotted the OTF and knew what to call it (love that girl!). Your kitchen is just spectacular, love the looooooong run and the soapstone. Sigh, just looking at your pictures makes me happy. Please keep posting your progress! Best, oldbat2be

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I came back to enjoy a close up of the sink and faucet. Another happy sigh....

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