Difference between Persil formulas?

Sandy16May 16, 2012

Hello. Hoping someone can give some guidance here. My husband recently brought a lot of different detergents home and not being able to read the bags I'm not sure which is for what :).

Persil gold plus

Persil gold freshness

Persil sensitive & Persil sensitive w aloe - new packaging?

Merix brand? - anyone used this?

Spee megaperls made by Hinkel - regular and color - anyone tried this?


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Spee is a cheaper brand from Henkel. Kinda like Tide and Gain, I suppose. It's not quite as effective on stains as Persil.

Unless one of the Persil packs says "Colour", it's supposed to be used on whites and bright colors.


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Thank you Alex.

The Persil I buy in the US is packaged differently. It seems like it must be packaged for the US or Canada as Britain has different versions. Why is that?

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The British Persil is made by Unilever - German Persil by Henkel.

not being able to read the bags

Which language are the bags? Maybe I can translate them for you.

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No need to translate but thank you. I was curious why Henkel produces Persil packaged entirely with English writing, the bags of Persil we buy in the US, when they do not market directly to the US or Canada and the British Persil is made by Unilever. I wasn't clear in my question. I apologize.

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Sandy16, Henkel does have someone who handles NA Persil (I spoke with him by email some time ago). Do you know if your bags have any German on them? I ask because you can buy bags of Persil here (in Canada) that are not directly from Henkel and are not the German version. They are "lesser" (Henkel's description) versions made for other countries like Poland, etc ... They were brought into Canada by an independent source (exporting them from these other European countries. Genuine product has English - made for NA (or I imagine German as it's exported directly from German?). Does any of that make sense??? lol ...

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livebetter - the bags of Persil are entirely in German. The bags I guy here are entirely in English. So, yes, your explanation makes sense. So, the bags I buy in the US are packaged for the NA market. This being the case, why is there such a mark up for the detergent here or in Canada? The market is big enough to warrant different packaging for NA.

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i didn't know there was a persil gold "plus". mine (purchased @ germandeli.com) is just persil GOLD. the bag is written in all german. i use it for everything: colors and whites and all temperatures. works for me!

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