Green 4 Life laundry sheets?

livebetterMay 2, 2011

I took a break from CNN's coverage of Bin Laden today and caught this product on the shopping channel.

The laundry junkie in me is intrigued.

It made me think of our discussions about grease stains. He removes automotive grease with this product and it's pretty cool (if it's real). I'm more than sceptical of these TV type products. But you never know ...

Thought I would post for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to discuss your thoughts.

Larsi, I even found a Youtube video in German for you ;)

Here is a link that might be useful: Green 4 Life laundry sheets

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Larsi would love that youtube video...If I spoke Dutch! LOL While I was able to get about 30/40% (Dutch, German and English are the closest Germanic language) was still hard. For anyone who thinks German is a hard language...listen to Dutch! Dutch makes German soft, flowy and pretty! :)

These kinds of laundry sheets, like Purex has, get stuck in front loaders, in the front seal by the glass. They need to be placed in a lingerie bag first. Too much work! LOL

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LOL!! I thought it was German - I didn't listen too long. It sounded like my step father so I assumed. Sorry!

I didn't have any interest in the Purex version but this darn infomercial got my attention. I'm sure I'd be disappointed in it but I always gotta' try (it's the addict in me).

The "demonstrations" he did were impressive - not sure how accurate or real they are.

Ah well ...

I finally received my $50 credit for Miele products so I'll try a few of their detergents - I know you were not a fan of the powder but I may try the color version. Since I don't like Persil - maybe I'll like it?? I doubt it ...

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Discovered it's called something different in the US. Found it on HSN.

Here is a link that might be useful: S20 laundry sheets - HSN

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Just lumping all us Germanic peoples together, huh? LOL

I think you'll find the Miele Care Collection Powder equally fragranced as Persil. Their delicate liquid smells awesome though. Kind of strange, kind of like leather and roses...but I love it. It leaves sheets even softer than Vaska!

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