Samsung Power Foam?

izeveMay 9, 2011

I've been intrigued by recent ads for new Samsung FL washers with PowerFoam technology. It seems strange that a washer would be designed to create suds from a low sudsing product (HE detergent) on purpose! They claim that the foam (suds!!!) penetrates the fabric better and cleans better. Having used and owned FLs most of my life, I am programmed to think about suds as "evil" in a FL ;-)

Do you think that it's just another marketing gimmic to make all the people complaining about not seeing water in their front loaders feel more comfortable? Maybe seeing the drum filled with soap bubbles will make people think that their clothes are getting cleaner?

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Consumer Reports has an article in a recent issue that addresses your question directly. Summary: the CU test suite found that the PowerFoam was largely ineffective.

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Ditto on: it's a gimmic.

I think it's a good washer and all but I certainly wouldn't get it just for the PowerFoam. Here is Panasonic's approach on PowerFoam and, as you can see, the suds quickly disappear.

HTH, Alex

Here is a link that might be useful: 24 inch European Panasonic Washer

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I don't have it on mine. I don't think its needed. I get the idea.... to distribute the soap into the load quick and evenly. looks like in the video that the load is barely wet so the machine does it before the full fill which knocks down the suds when more water is added. I have no idea if it works any measurable amount or if it's just a snake oil marketing ploy.

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Here's the problem with this concept... it presumes that 100% of the detergent is contained within the foam/suds, but it isn't. The vast majority of detergent sits in the reservoir of water at the bottom of the tub and only a small fraction of it is contained in the suds. The machine is doing nothing but giving you a visual show that you will interpret to improve the cleaning of your clothes, when in reality it will make absolutely no difference. The marketing geniuses are banking on the general misconception that suds=clean.

This also explains why CR saw no difference in cleaning.

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Wow, it looks like Panasonic's Inverter washer technology is along the lines of inverted rotary compressors used in HVAC elsewhere in the world (with the exception of Nordyne iQ Drives here in the States). This is a technology that beats even Miele!

I actually like how Panasonic handles foaming.

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Panasonic puts "Inverter" on everything. I have a six year old microwave that uses Panasonic "Inverter" technology - even with the same logo. I'm suspicious.

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@sshrivastava, true, and I have not found any of the specific details. The HVAC they reference on their site is a much better technology that has been stifled by the likes of Carrier and Trane here in the states. The rest of the world has been using it and it works through using AC to start a motor, and then shifting over to DC to run the motor after starting; AC will be used again under heavy loads.

Interesting Panasonic does not sell washers and dryers in the states (that I know of). I would like see firsthand how their units are made, plus the features they offer. As I've stated formerly, I'm not brand centric.

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I am a little bit of a label whore. Just a little bit. LOL

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I have a new Samsung set. I love them so far they are the 5 series FL with VRT Plus, Steam and Power Foam.

The Power Foam is the biggest joke. I use a small amount of HE detergent and don't care if I see suds, just want clean clothes.

The steam is so great. I love that, the steam refresh on the dryer is a great alternative to breaking out the iron. And helps a ton with allergy issues. I toss my pillows in there. I am able to wash my comforter (an oversize King) in my machine for the first time ever.

The VRT does its job my machines are so quiet.

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