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autumn.4January 18, 2014

I am working on a new build kitchen and have found a mini-brick backsplash that we both REALLY like...however I am fearful of putting it in the kitchen because it is comprised of WHITE split face rough quartzite. :( The rest of the bricks feel like they would wipe up no problem but I'm not so sure enough sealing could be had to protect the rough bricks. It will be placed behind the range. I plan on sealing it and testing it but I still don't know that it's a wise choice. Plus it is so tight no space for grout which I have read is discouraged due to bacteria issues. Website says no grouting. I wonder if this is meant more for a bathroom.

High maintenance is one thing, impossible to keep clean is another...

So I am wondering if any of you have seen any similar type backsplashes that you could suggest? I prefer more of a minibrick than squares.

Budget: Under $15 a square foot

Here are the pics of the sample I took, they look more true to life than what is on Lowe's website. The vertical lines are not cracks just variation in color in the gray marble bricks. Thank you for looking!

With island cab color on top, perimeter on right and wood floor that we have chosen:

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While I agree it would be a great look...especially at that price I wouldn't put it in a working kitchen. I love style but for me....function trumps form.

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Maybe some thing like this. It would add texture, but still be easy to clean.

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remodelfla-I know, I know, I totally agree. That is why I'm hoping someone will have an idea of something similar in style that is more appropriate for a kitchen. Can you imagine spaghetti sauce or oil splatters. :( That would not be a good look. Dh wants to just go for it but I don't think it's a good idea. I like the visual difference the rough stone gives but not in the kitchen. I may use it in the master bath though.

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teachertile-cross-posting. What is the name of that tile? I like the color variation but the shape is a bit modern for us. Maybe it comes in different dimensions.

I am going through kaboodles of pics on houzz trying to find something. Yeesh.

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Not exactly the same, but in this pic in, this is a rough tumbled brick backsplash behind the stove.

Traditional Kitchen by Decatur Kitchen & Bath Designers CR Home Design K&B (Construction Resources)

Here is a link that might be useful: Tumbled brick backsplash white spring granite

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Although your backsplash pick is lovely, Autumn 4, I wouldn't go for it as it isn't really practical, even in a bathroom Lately I am considering the ease of cleaning factor in my remodeling choices along with style preferences. Teachertile's suggestion is beautiful and looks easy to clean. I was just out with my husband looking at backsplash tiles, he liked some of the rough, tumbled types which I nixed solely for the cleaning issues. Just think about the first time you get a boiling pot of spaghetti sauce splashing up on those pretty white tiles! I think some of these rough texture tiles look amazing in a magazine, but for the everyday kitchen that is lived in, not so practical.

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I know, that is why I am asking for similar options but with easier cleaning. :)

What about marble? Any thoughts on that?

I like the tile that teachertile posted but different shape. Still searching...

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I somehow missed what your countertop is. Help??

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Oops. Sorry...we are doing a leathered black on the perimeter (due to budget) over soft white cabs but for the island I am deciding between Alaska White or Blue Flower which will go over the gray stained cabs. Thanks for stopping back! Bummed because I liked the look of it but it's just not a smart choice so back to square one.

Alaska White:

Blue Flower:

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Beautiful choices...I think I favor the Blue Flower. When I picture that I think of something like Grazia Rixi which has beautiful slight shadings of color and the texture of a crackle all on budget. I'm not to good at capturing a pic and embedding when on my iPad! If I get on the laptop I will try and find a pic.

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Thanks, I'm googling Grazia Rixi. :) Alaska White was my first wow but it has quite a few fissures and that is making me nervous. The Blue Flower feels smoother to the touch and has some shimmer in spots which I like also. I am meeting with the fabricator to discuss on Monday.

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Crud! Everything is either the little squares or the long linear pieces. :( I think I am just behind the times (hehe) but I really prefer the smaller version of subway - a mini-brick.

I found a melange blend tile in gray (babushka_cat used butter) but those are full out subway. We are DIY also so was *hoping* for mini-brick on mesh for a less intense install. We are DIYing a lot at this phase of the build so if we can speed something up then it's all the better.

Grazia Melange Blends

Marble blend but again in 2x2's. :(

Anatolia Bellina Mixed Mosaic

Also finding a lot of the tiles I am drawn to are in CA, pfft. I would love to arrange a road trip to just browse tile but I don't think dh is going to fall for that one. We are in MI.

Edit: This is the wall that will have most of the tile - it's open to the living room as well.

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Here are some finds...

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Builder Depot

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Builder Depot

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ohhh thanks teachertile!

I just found this one but it's walker zanger sooooo, not sure if it's within budget.

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The second builder depot you posted would look great! Its gorgeous!

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I had used Alaska White in our previous home and then used polished crema marfil. It looked great together. Just thought I would share a photo.

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Sorry I have been MIA, still searching for viable options and until today hadn't found much. I do like the look of the calacatta gold marble but haven't seen it in person. We have been snowed in quite literally for a week so today was the first day I finally got OUT to the tile store (but no calacatta gold there - only carrara). Yippee - freedom!

Thanks for the pic aktillery!

I have looked at the crema marfil but with a gray stained island I think it's a bit too brown. I am hoping to pic up some of the gray in the white alaska slab.

I like the marble posted above and in pics on line but when I see it in person it looks so WHITE. I am slightly concerned because are cabs are a soft white rather than a true white.

What do you all think of these 2 options? They are a honed and a tumbled marble. I am wondering if i will end up thinking the silver shadows is too dark?

Silver Shadows Honed:

Milky Way Tumbled:

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The silver shadows with a leathered black granite would look lovely, imo...

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hi autumn,
I like the backsplash in and of itself but I think it competes too much with your granite options- which I think are stars! What do you want your focal point to be?

I like some of the other more subtle options suggested.....I am going to look into marble for a backsplash also....I am just not as afraid of etching there for some reason. It would drive me insane on my island though.

I really like the Milky Way tumbled BS, I think that is a beautiful way to accent your kitchen.

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PS Autumn,
Where are you finding the leathered black granite? I asked Pascucci about it back in Oct when we visited and they said they never carry anything like that anymore (or was it ever?).

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Thanks kirkhall.

illini-with the more solid perimeter counter do you still think it will compete with the island? I was kind of hoping since they were on different planes they wouldn't? I want something subtle but still with some sort of texture or interest. This is miserably difficult!

edit: I have a call into the tile store to see if they carry the milky way to see in person (maybe I just missed it). I am not a solid white subway kinda girl, I need a little something more.

The black leathered is at the fabricator's - his warehouse is large enough that he actually carries many slabs there. Kowalski Granite. I know he gets his slabs from at least 3 different places - American Granite, Mont Granite and Pascucci. So it could be at the others (although I don't remember seeing it at American Granite when I was just there but I could have missed it as I was on a mission).

Pascucci had several brushed darker stones that didn't have that texture but the stone had a bit more depth. I liked them too but I thought they were a bit more than the leathered. I'll see if I can't find the names of them and I did take a couple of pics. They were a matte finish and I like that.

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i don't know, Autumn, I suck at this stuff, just my impression. But I do like a lot of the other choices especially the tumbled marble ones- I think you are on the right track with those IMHO.

My builder uses Top of the World Granite- hope they are good. I will have to say that I saw one seam they did in a parade house of polished Absolute Black that I thought was a poor seam and that makes me nervous. I've otherwise heard good things about them. Have you heard of them at all?

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illini - hahaha "I suck at this stuff". I think we are not alone! :)

I have not heard of them. When we did our last kitchen we actually decided to go direct through a fabricator to save cost (cut out the middle man). We weren't replacing cabinets so it seemed to be the logical choice.

We checked out 3 but over here on the west side. One looked like he was about to go under, the second was very 'you don't want this, don't do that' and kinda crabby. The 3rd was Kowalski. Said they COULD and WOULD do what I wanted (a radius on our peninsula) but that they free hand it all so that's why sometimes they don't LIKE to as it's more time consuming. They did a great job. So we are going back there from that experience. Uba tuba was our granite - I had one seam at the sink. I thought it was more than acceptable. Hoping to avoid the seam altogether this time though. :)

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I like the honed Silver Shadows for the backsplash above the leathered black granite....with the Alaska White island. Very pretty and not too light, with the white cabinets. Just my two cents :)

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What about something like this?

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Lavendar lass! I can't wait until I am finished and you can 'trick my space' into one of those homey cozy photos you are always posting!

teacher-do you have any details on that one? I click it and it doesn't have any more info on it. I do like the 'shadowing' in tiles. Color but not, pattern but not. I wonder about grouting it though.

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teacher-those are the right tones but kind of modern for my space I think. I've thought about basket weave maybe but I don't think dh would go for it.

And I forgot to mention a major change - due to budget the black leathered granite is out. :( We will be using a laminate on the perimeter but still black with little pattern so similar in look to a plain black leathered. Not sure if that really makes a difference or not.

I am waiting for an aha moment and it's just not coming.

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Maybe you should consider a simple subway tile. Too bad you have to skip the leathered granite for laminate. Have you considered a less expensive granite for your entire kitchen? I personally couldn't give up part of my granite to have a more expensive island.

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teachertile-unfortunately we have considered other granites but even at the low end it's still at the top and I don't want granite just to say I have granite if I don't like it? We will never change it (that's just how it is) so I want to be sure we like it. The alaska white is pricey but not so pricey that if we switched it out we could afford to go all granite. The leathered we were hoping to snag all remnants for to cut costs and eek it out but it still ended up being $1k too high.

We have about the same amount of perimeter counter as we do island - about 35 lineal feet.

I have been looking at some subways. We are installing and dh would prefer a mesh backing for ease and time saving. Compromise compromise...

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I like this one. It is gray and beige. I wonder how it looks IRL? Came across your thread looking for brick backsplash for my kitchen. This one is in my "Maybe" file if I can't find a thin brick that's not too dark.

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