Can Blower be set on too high of a speed?

caddopecanSeptember 2, 2012

Recently we had a circuit board burn out on the condenser/furnace unit in the attic. It was replaced and wiring reconnected by the AC serviceman. Now it seems that the blower is blowing too much air because the blower noise is much louder and the air returns are moving much more air than in the past. Also the room temperature seems to be different even though the thermostat settings are the same. We were satisfied with the operation of the AC before this service repair work. So, we have a few questions. Is the blower supposed to be set at the fastest speed for cooling and at a different speed for heat? Can the blower be set at a lower speed for cooling or does this lose efficiency and increase cost? Does increasing the blower speed raise the cool air temperature across the condenser coil and increase the humidity inside the house?

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It is possible the blower fan has been set to the wrong speed. The fan speed for the AC should be 350-400 CFM per ton of cooling. Increasing the fan speed will raise the cool air temperature. The coil will not do as good a job of removing humidity. Normally there is a fan speed for heating and one for cooling for a single stage system.

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I agree with Mike

There s an inverse relationship between fan speed and humidity removal and BTU output.


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