new AC system + tankless water heater

Willy.yangSeptember 26, 2011

Hi guys,

I live in Massachusetts, I need install a hot air heating system using gas, and a tankless water heater.

I already have central AC with all the duct system.

this contractor come give me a quote, he said since it install in attic, he can only install 80% because higher will have water build up in winter, and going to replace everything.

here is the quote he give to me,

Furnace: Lennox G50UH-36B-090

Specifications: 90,000BTU 80%

Case coil: CH33-36C-2F

Condenser Lennox ACX13-036

New Furnaces and AC Investment

$7,895.00 (Price)

Rinnai: RL94iN Tank less water heater


I checked online, water heater only cost about $1200, he charge me $2000 for labor.

other things I guess cost less than $4000, and Lennox ACX13 need to be XC15 or XC14.

what do you guys think? he is charging me too much?

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Sounds about right to me.

The high labor costs of tankless are one of the reasons they rarely make a good financial investment.

The more technical minded can google "tankless minnesota study" to read about the best current study of the economics of tankless.

Here is a link that might be useful: Consumer reports says tankless not worthwhile investment

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thanks, how about the New Furnaces and AC Investment

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What are you using for heat now?

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do you ask the doctor what his markup is when he operates on you? Do you know what his overhead is like liability insurance, truck insurance, workman's comp., license fees, corporate fees, govt taxes state and federal hourly wages? Oh and don't forget the biggie, advertisement. But I sopose you just want a cut rate discount cause your special, What happens when you go with the low bid and the stuff breaks and the guy you picked on price is nowhere to be found cause he got put out of business because he was working under the radar. You make your own decisions and keep making the legit guy the bad guy okay. Oh yea gas ain't free either.

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of course I know there is a markup,
I am just compare the markup between "the legit guy"
with this guy's quote, I don't think I can get a Heat Loan.
and it is a lot of cash up front.

Yes, I just want a cut rate discount cause I am not made out of gold, if he can't compete, stop been a crying baby.

Oh yea money isn't grow on the tree either.

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You might be able to get a better quote on the furnace and A/C. I understand that you can only get an 80% furnace, but in that case you should consider getting the highest efficiency single stage A/C for that kind of money.

I wouldn't invest in a tankless water heater at that price. Why not just a regular gas water heater or one that condenses and vents thru the side of the house with a pvc pipe?

By the way, how much is your electricity? You may want to consider getting a heatpump which typically doesn't cost more than the same model A/C. The time to do something like this is when replacing the A/C.

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you know the old saying you get what you pay for. And there is a heat loan its called a home improvement loan.

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thanks for the loan tip, I will try that.

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okay tell us what happens

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this is kind late, but I found a guy, legit, with license, insu, install the new AC system, use Carrier. I know Carrier is better than Lennox. $7000 - $1200 rebate, $5800 at end.
he did all the rebate paper work, twice, first time some of the rebate didn't work. he work alone, hire three guy help him do the heave lifting/remove old system first day, work alone for 3 more days. he remove all the junk, few days later. I am happen with his work.

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Did you get the tankless hot water heater?

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the guy give me a quote for $1800 (everything include), but he said since I using well water, it will have a lot of problem later, better stay away from it, he can do it if I really really want it. So I didn't do it.
PS, I install the AC system last year, so it is been over a year now, everything works fine.

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We converted to an on-demand or tankless hot water heater in 2007. the unit cost about $1000. it's a Bosch but a lower level model. We sold our old hot water heater for like $75 and I can't tell you how much we save on gas since we never lived in the house without one.We thought it would be crazy to do so because it's an old old home (1780s) with a field stone basement and we would have spent tons for hot water especially if the unit was electric.

Here is a link that might be useful: refrigeration manufacturers nj

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I love to install a tankless water heater, but from what the contractor told me, my well water got a lot of iron, even with the water filter I have ( whole house water filter ), it will have problem later, the tankless water heater need yearly maintenance, not a diy thing, need take it a part, and clean all the pipe. install a water softner (too much work/no space for it), install more filter (may not help)

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