anyone with washer-dryer stack in narrow hallway? what doors?

elphaba_gwMay 31, 2012

Does anyone have a washer/dryer stack in a narrow hallway? - hallway is 36 inch wide across from a hutch (or the equivalent of some kind of counter nearby - still to be built)

If you do, my question is whether you have doors in front of your washer stack and if so, what kind of doors? And do you like or don't like what you have? - I know that bifold is an option but I don't know the names of the other options, one is where the doors disappear into the side (often found with TV cabinets).

I don't have much space on either side of the washer/dryer. Have the contractor coming over today or tomorrow to figure out just how much space there will be. Max will probably be 4 inches on either side of stack (if you measure with almost no "wiggle room".)

Since this is in the hallway, and not that far from the dining room, I would like to think about having some kind of fairly nice "cover" in front when I need to have home "presentable" for company. Though I HAVE thought of not having a cover and not worrying about whether it is "presentable". (We entertain very little).

Anyone decide not to have cover/doors? Would like to hear any feedback on the subject.

Still in design phase - This hasn't been installed (or contracted out) yet and there are other options but other options intrude on kitchen space (being remodeled also).

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Whatever doors you get, be sure they're louvered or otherwise sufficiently vented. The dryer will need plenty of intake-air to function properly.

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I don't know the names of the other options, one is where the doors disappear into the side

Sounds like you're talking about pocket doors here. They're great! Slide out of sight (and out of the way) when you're in the room.

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I once had a laundry closet in a room that was also used as a study. There was no room for doors of any kind. So I had a custom pleated shade made in colors to match the room. It could be pulled up completely out of the way when needed. It could be lowered most of the way to provide both screening and airflow. The shade was in a subtle stripe pattern that matched the surrounding trim and wall colors. It was somewhat translucent, so I could leave the closet light on behind it for a kind of cool effect. Such shades come in all kinds of weights and textures -- I suppose you could even have a roman style shade that fit over the outer frame of the door. I know mine got lots of complements.

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