heat pump valves

ionized_gwSeptember 12, 2011

Another post in this forum makes me ask this question. Assume that I have a heat pump but my other source of heating becomes more economical because that fuel cost has become relatively low compared to electricity. Should I "exercise" the heat pump function on that equipment? How often?

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its possible you can control whether you use the heatpump or emergency heat on your thermostat. If you have dual fuel that would be your gas furnace. Each setup is different. On my thermostat I can set to override the heatpump automatically based on outside temperature.

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Basically the idea is that your thermostat has an outside temperature sensor. You then set the temps at which the HP operates down to, and the temp where the gas activates. If gas were expensive and electricity cheap (lets say), then you might set the HP to run down to 28F and gas to operate below 35F. Yes, there would be an overlap. If gas were cheap and electricity expensive, they you might raise these temps to 38f for the HP and 42f for gas (or higher).

But to answer your 'exersise' question, I think the answer is no.

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Man, you guys are answering a lot of questions that I did not ask. I only want to know if it is a good idea to turn the equipment into heat mode every now and again to keep the valves limbered up. I have no idea how those things are constructed.

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