Front Load users, How many clothes do you put in?

mc58May 25, 2008

Ok, I hope you arent sick of me, I have my electricity fixed, and I did some laundry yesterday. I dont have soft water I had bypassed it last week to do the test on the soap issue, I also purchased the Charlies but its not here yet.

I put in 5 towels 5 hand towels 7 washclothes with no soap, I am going to get all the soap out. They didnt suds up, but it wouldnt balance, I sat there and watched it for 10 minutes, I finally stopped it and seperated them, they were so tangled up, it still had a hard time but it did spin, the towels seemed to be drier than I have seen before.

Than I did a basket full of casuals 10 lbs all together, it went to the top of circle in the middle on the back of the drum, about 1/2 way full not quite 3/4 full, I added 1 at a time and it was loose, 2 med.valour jumpsuits, 1 med cotton jumpsuit,1 med long sleeve shirt. 2 med short sleeve shirts, 5 short PJs, 6 undies. I used 1 tbls Tide he ( no suds) yahoo! All the suits I turned inside out.

Well they wouldnt balance out I had to stop the washer and they were sopping wet and tangled so bad , I had to pull and seperate them and I took half the load out, I sat there and watched for a while and it had a hard time balancing out also, but it finally did spin, when done I did the other half.

I am curious to see how much you all are putting in your loads! Do you think that I could be putting too much? I am not even doing what the manual suggests.

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Wondering now if the machine's feet are adjusted right...or maybe if the shipping bolts are still in the thing. Wondering if the machine's suspension components are not able to do their job, therefore not able to achieve sufficient balance to allow spin-up. Wouldn't explain the tangling, but could be responsible for the failure-to-balance thing.

I'm still kinda hung up on the problems you've described because my machine is so similar to yours and I have experienced none these issues.

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Don't feel bad, and I hope you are not sick of me responding.

Try loading loads by color instead of type. That way you will be mixing towels, sheets, pants, shirts, etc. It balances out the load better and is actually the recommended method in my manual. I know I got a different machine, but like I said in another thread, mine is very similiar to yours in specs.

I seperate my clothes into loads like this:

Whites (and pale pastels if there are any)
Pastels (pale pastels if there are any) and prints

The only things that get washed by themselves are big blankets and comforters.

Hope this helps.

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Do ya want to trade :)

It doesnt make sense does it?

When the guy that delivered it, he had a heck of a time getting it level, and it does shake alot more than the other one.

I will call and get them out now that I can run it again.

But you are probably right, something is going on. I hope that it isnt the shipping bolts, that wouldnt be good!

You said yours is a 9400? what is the difference between the 9400 and 9200?

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"...heck of a time getting it level, and it does shake..."

My suspicion just increased a LOT. From experience, I know careless installs cause a ton of issues. I've also learned that "leveling" isn't the nut. Equal or nearly-equal weighting of the feet is. Leveling is really easy. Equal weighting takes more time....and installers don't like taking time. Often times just an extra 1/8 turn on one foot can make the difference. Sometimes it takes a bit more. Every install is different.

Since your last post, I am more suspicious, now, of the possibility of your machine's suspension components and sensors not being able to work properly.

What kind of floor is the machine sitting on? Thinking I may be able to help you tweak this thing.

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I appreciate your advice and the advice of others. I need any info I can get.

This thing is driving me crazy!

I will have to try that. The WP tech line told the tech to make sure I was washing same things together as in cottons, synthetics etc. in different sizes, But ya I will try it.

The funny thing is I can wash 2 king sheets 4 pillow cases and have no soap or tangle issues at all.

I just cant believe that I cant wash what I use to wash in my other washer Frigidair FL.

Its very frustrating!

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It is on a cement floor.

The other washer didnt vibrate at all, but this one is shaking, not alot, but it does shake.

When I got the other washer there were 2 men that delivered and set it up, it didnt take them more than 20-30 min, I asked them if it was level they said ya, it is self leveling. This time it was 1 older guy he was here for at least 1 hr, I watched for a little while but he did have a hard time with the leveling.

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" is self leveling..."

They must make this stuff up on-the-fly! What a hoot!

In any event, level isn't all that important. Anything close will do.

Modern HE/FL on concrete floor. Perfect. Upon learning this, I am somewhat confident your feet are not properly adjusted. If this is properly done, your machine will still "Jiggle" a bit -- any machine does -- but will not "shake" or move about. Until this is done and the machine's own suspension components can operate as intended, you won't know what you've got. I'm going to suggest a "dynamic balance" as some people call it. Means adjusting the legs while the machine is spinning. Takes minutes but will require some body-on-the-floor time. Do you know how to do this?

Before responding, please look in your manual in the beginning pages where it talks about shipping bolts. Probably has some illustrations. See if you can determine whether or not those bolts were, in fact, removed as they should have been.

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I want to thank you for all the help that you have given me, and that you havent given up trying to figure this stupid thing out.

I will wait till the tech comes to check the washer leveling, they are the ones that put it in. We might make it worse.

The guys that set up the other washer that didnt shake, they are the ones that told me that it was self leveling, I dont know what they did, but it hardly shook at all, it was more of a vibration that you would expect with something moving that fast.

Then this last guy took along time to adjust the feet while it was spinning. It doesn't shake real bad but it does shake a little when spinning, more than the other 2 that I've had. I hope I didnt make it sound like it was real bad. It does look like its not leveled right.

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The suspension system works best as designed when the machine is level.
You could check to see if it's level, from to back and left to right.

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asolo speaks the truth. Installers mostly take the easy way out. I only expect them to get it close and do no harm. When they come to the house I take out my nice Stabila level and let them leave their plastic banged up dime store level in their pocket. Quite a bit of feet adjustment can take place and the machine can still appear level within reason so there is clearly room for something better than level.

Once the front to back and side to side adjustments seem OK I firmly grip opposing corners and apply rocking pressure checking for any sense of movement. If found, adjust the feet to remove. You'll no doubt find the machine still reads "level". You can then observe the machine while it's spinning. I'll play around and pull up on the bottom corners and see if that reduces vibration. If it does, you can then adjust that foot slightly.

Recently an experienced repair person did some work on our machine. He did the work without moving the machine as he knew how difficult it is to achieve good balance. He also said in passing the best way to do it was during the high speed spin and only make very minor adjustments until it seems best.

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Repeating..."level" isn't the issue. Repeating...anything close to level is fine. Not disputing dead-level perfection is best. Only saying that ain't the problem here.

In any event leveling is simple. Equal or nearly-equal weighting of the feet can require more observation and finesse. It's a different concern entirely.

From what OP has described, I'm thinking she may be within a fraction of a turn on one foot away from a solution. Inasmuch as tech is returning and OP is all hyped up over it, I would predict a solution on-site.

Please come back and tell us what found.

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My personal favorite is high-speed spin with full load. Little tweaks on the feet -- usually just one foot -- can make HUGE difference.....difference often unobserved with machine not running/spinning/loaded. Not hard to do. Just have to be interested.

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I have one of the smaller 6k machines. For me how many clothes in a load depends on what color they are, what they are made of, and if I am washing items that fade and bleed.

I did a few loads today. Two of them consisted of:

White cotton under wear and socks:
13 T shirts
10 briefs
10 pairs of socks.
7 Handkerchiefs
Temperature 140F
Detergent amount 1 tablespoon + 2 teaspoons.
cycle length 1 hour 37 minutes

Dark blue Cottons:

7 pairs of athletic socks
2 sets of flannel PJ's
6 athletic T shirts
1 hooded sweat shirt
1 under wear brief
Temperature 105F
Detergent amount 2 teaspoons
Cycle length 49 minutes.

The other loads were a queen comforter and blankets.

I have additional loads sorted to do some time this week
They are: bright green cottons, dark green cottons, brown cottons, black cotton polo type shirts, tan cottons, grey cottons, medium blue Polartec fleece, black Lycra.

None of these loads will completely fill the machine but I sort by fabric type and within type by color which means that I don't wash cotton and poly or spandex together because they don't dry at the same rate and cannot withstand the same water temperatures.

I also keep dark blues separated from dark greens and reds and browns. So I basically keep all colors separated. The one exception is that I will wash bright yellow and green together.

If I have polo shirts they will go into loads by themselves separated by color, which prevents a lot of wrinkling and no - I don't iron anything.

Towels are washed together by color with no other type of garment. Polyester and synthetic materials go together and are not mixed with cottons.

I didn't use to be this finicky about sorting until I had my washer fixed to drain into the laundry sink. Once I saw the amount of color transfer taking place in the wash water being pumped out I became very strict about color separation.

These are the same type of loads I did when I had my TL so the amount of loads per week didn't increase or decrease when I switched to a FL. I also think the amount of clothes in a load will depend on how heavy and bulky the items are.

I know instructions say to wash a mixed load. I don't think I have ever done this. I wash small items with large but try not to mix fabric types and extreme weight variations. I really don't have anything tangled.

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We stuff our LG washer full, but not crammed, with all different colors, fabrics, ect - no sorting.

After the clothes are soaked, they are just above the center line...

We use an empty ice cream bucket weighed down with a brick, under the washer drain hose in the laudry sink to view the final rinse water anytime before the next load is started.

We've observed the drain water during the first spin, and don't have a problem with color transfers.

No problems with tangles, knots, ect in the LG dryer, either.

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So when you wash whites in with dark blues or light greens over time you don't get any dull looking whites?

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Hi all,

I had family from out of state so I couldnt read these until now.

I checked the level of the washer with a 3 ft level and sure enough it is 1/2in. low in the left front corner, and yes the tech did use his pocket level, that is a joke I had never seen a level so small, how would it even work! this time I'm going to have him use my level.

I wash all synthetics together. I dont mix fabrics, just size of clothing.

Towels I wash with washcloths, handtowels, on sanatize NO SOAP until I know all the soap is out.

I wash whites together on whitest whites cycle, small loads. 1/2 tbl Tide HE.

My husbands work clothes of jeans, t-shirts, socks, on Heavy duty cycle.1tbl Tide HE. than wash and rinse till I see no suds.

Than the casuals are the velour jumpsuits, shirts, underwear, socks, on casual cycle.1/2tbl Tide HE

Yesterday I had a load of 6 towels, 8 washclothes, 5 handtowels. My husband came out and told me the washer had a weird burning smell to it, my sister was here so we went down to see what was going , it had a weird almost like a burning rubber smell. We watched it for about 5 min, it was still showing wash time 11 mins left out 220, there were no suds as we washed it tumble , then the time switched to 31 min. and went to rinse, it started draining and putting more water in and tumbled for a bit and than the draining stopped and it continued to add water, when it was done adding water there was 1 1/2in. in the front of the washer, she commented on how little water there was, we just stood and watched it, she could see how they were getting tangled up, than suds were forming about the same amount that showed in the pictures that I posted, there were suds!!! what the heck, we didnt see any suds before it changed to rinse, I didnt add any soap, I have bypassed the soft water machine, and its the same towels that I have been washing for almost 2 months with no soap. Its too weird, its like it has a secret automatic soap dispenser hidden in the dang thing! the dispensers are clean no residue??? What is going on?

I cant wait till Charlies soap arrives.

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Try an HE detergent other than Tide HE. There ARE other choices on the market.

I don't have a front-loader, but I have two HE toploaders -- a Calypso, and a Maytag Neptune TL. Neptune TL is a toploader that washes like a frontloader -- there are two large paddle-wheels in the basket that tumble the clothes in a small pool of water. Yesterday I ran a large load of casuals (shirts & shorts) with 3 oz. of Fab powder (1/3 cup), and had NO suds. The wash water was "slippery" so it was enough detergent. I don't have softened water. My water runs about 11 grains.

Try Fab *powder*. It is not labeled as HE, but does have instructions on the box for HE machines, and IS low sudsing. Note that this DOES NOT necessarily apply to Fab *liquid*. I've not used Fab liquid so I don't know how sudsy it may be ... but when I checked a bottle in the store it does not mention use with HE washers

I do have a box of Tide HE powder, which I have not yet used in the Neptune TL. It does fine in the Calypso. All HE liquid and Gain HE liquid also do good for me.

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Thanks for the info.

I started using All HE, than I went to Cheer HE thinking it was the soaps that I had used, than I decided to try Tide HE, it made no difference which one I use. I have noticed the difference between the reg bleach and the HE bleach, like they said on I think the other post, HE has more suds, and that I found out.

Im hoping that my Charlies soap will arive sometime today.

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jerrod6 said:

> So when you wash whites in with dark blues or light greens over time you don't get any dull looking whites?

I never mentioned whites...

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could the suds be residue left over from a previous load of wash ?
Some water always stays in the machine somewhere, but it shouldn't be soapy after the previous wash's final rinse, unless you're using way too much soap.

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You said

"We stuff our LG washer full, but not crammed, with all different colors, fabrics, ect - no sorting."

I consider white a color, so that is why I asked the quesiton.

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the wash that I did before was before my electricity went down a week ago, I did a washer cleaning with just bleach and there were no suds after, I did a load of jeans,shirts,socks there were no suds I am convinced that it is residue that is still in the towels from when I did use soap 2 months ago.??? I dont know why it is taking so many washes to get it out.

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