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I recently took a trip to the store and saw this big bar for only $.99 for laundry named Zote. Can I use only this or only felsnapa to do my laundry? How much do I use? Should I add anything else?

I want something more economical and possibly more eco friendly to do my laundry. Although I have 3 kids so I need it to be not too time consuming or complicated. I know its a lot to ask. any ideas? Anyone?

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I preferred ZOTE to Fels Naptha in my homemade laundry soap mixtures when I made them (I am now a satisfied Charlie's Soap user). Zote is less expensive, has optical brighteners in it to make whites appear white. Soap products tend to leave a soap residue when used in hard water, and your whites will eventually look dingy/gray. That's the main difference between using soap instead of detergent in hard water. I liked the citronella scent MUCH better than Fels Naptha.

I think you'll get better results using the mixtures that include Borax and Washing Soda along with the bar soap (either the dry mixtures, or the liquid mixtures - I've used both but liked the dry mixture best, than using either Fels Naptha or ZOTE by themselves. By themselves, they may make too much suds in your washer - especially if you have a front-loader.

Fels Naptha no longer contains Naptha (which was a nerve toxin, but is still considered an excellent cleaner), but it DOES contain petrochemicals, if that's a problem for you.

As a secondary use for ZOTE, I slice the large bars into 1/2 to 3/4-inch slices (the short way) and we use it in the shower as a bath bar. It's just one of those great frugal moments for me.... It's the least expensive bath bar I've ever found. If you have dry skin, it may be too drying for you.


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