We have a date! Just met with GC!

williamsemJanuary 26, 2013

Demo starts 4/29!

Should be finished in 3 weeks, aside from granite. We will actually be starting next week in a way, need to upgrade our electrical box because it is full, no room for a new oven line or any additional lighting!

Cabinets ordered, granite deposit made, hood is sitting in our living room.

Now I just need to pick out floor color, wall color, sink color, faucet, lighting, GD, UCL, and fan. And remember to order the Advantium during the next sale. Oh, and backsplash, of course.

Guess I really need that sample door to come in soon, yikes!

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Congrats on a start date! Can't wait until ours is set.

What's this you say about an Advantium sale? I'd love to get one at a discount - do tell. When is it expected?


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Woo hoo! How exciting! Can't wait to see what floor you choose... or rather which color.. you are still corky, right?

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Thanks, Kek10! im completely excited and completely terrifed at the same time. Cant wait for the new space though!

They usually run a Presidents Day sale on the GE online site, if I remember correctly. Not a huge discount necessarily, but considering they mostly do rebates it helps. If you know anyone at all that works for any division of GE ask them to invite you to the friends and family store. The pricing is good, and they still run sales and rebates.

At least sign up for the email list. I may have to settle for free shipping. The most recent promo was free 2 year service contract for appliances over a certain amount, but I wasn't interested and it was a tad early to order.

If you can wait, the sales/rebates in November/December are pretty good.

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Hi Deedles! Yes, still cork. Almost positive from Globus, though I ordered a couple of samples from AmCork (I think that's right), mentioned on another thread. I wouldn't have bothered, but one looks like a color I saw almost at the start, but could only find in floating. It's probably too dark, but I don't want any second guessing after I have a stack of boxes sitting in the house!

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So you're going with glue down, then? Are you guys DIY'ing it or having it installed professionally? I thought you were going with that light... what was it? Beach-something color...the whitish one?

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So exciting- should be almost done by Memorial Day and final by July 4th!
We had to upgrade our electrical box also.

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Congrats! Sounds like you're close to being ready with all your decisions!

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Deedles, still going with glue down. Our GC will install it. I'd try DIY if i had the time, doesnt seem hard if the floor is prepared right. I am fairly certain we are going with the bleached color, but until I see our sample door I hesitate to commit. The stain is pretty dark, it's hard to see how it will look in a larger area. Same issue with all the colors, really. I need that door!

I've already decided on a Silgranite Performa 1+3/4 low divide, not sure if it should be metallic gray, truffle, or dark brown. Still debating what GD.

Already decided on blue paint, need to pick exact color.

Already decided on UCL from Environmental Lighting, need to send my plan for help building a system.

I think things are shaping up nicely, but I do feel like there are a million things to do still! Oh, and need to figure out the knob/pull situation too. Can't forget that!

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Williamsem I can TOTALLY relate to excited and terrified! ;) And we're not even finalized on our plans yet, LOL.

Thanks for the info on the Advantium, I will keep an eye out. Not sure if any sale will apply for the Monogram but it's worth a look, President's Day is coming soon enough.

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I can't wait to see what happens. :)
Unlike so many, you've been able to exercise the pros and cons , likes and dislikes, and examine the situations you might face.

Very exciting.
We'll all be watching!

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Just an FYI, I just got a quote on a 240v Monogram Advantium from a local dealer. GE increased prices Jan 1 (bummer) but my price was still $500 under list price. The dealer knocked an extra $100 off the Blue Star cooktop for me to offset some of the Advantium $200 increase (over the pricing he gave me in Dec). I seriously doubt an online sale would be close to $500 off list. Perhaps... I'd like to buy from a local family-owned dealer for the follow-up support. Just thought I'd share my very recent info with you.

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Thanks, sum5463. Figures! I see MSRP of 2699 on the website, is that accurate in your experience? Need to be sure I understand what ballpark you're talking about before I can decide if any upcoming sale is a good deal.

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williamsem, I am considering strongly purchasing the 240V Monogram Advantium 30" unit which retails for $3299. The price I was quoted was $2799. I believe you may be looking at the Profile Advantium? Very similar, but the Monogram style is better with the design we are going for. I would definitely check your local dealers to see if they can offer you better pricing. By local I mean the smaller mom and pop stores, the independents. I hope you are able to get some competitive quotes. :)

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Uh, yeah, I missed that. Sorry! I'm looking at the Profile. Easily distracted.

I will definitely check out a few local places. On the list to do this week as I think Presidents' Day sales are the only major sale days before I absolutely have to order. I want to be ready to jump on a good deal should I find one, though I suspect the GE online store will have the best price.

There is currently a Monogram rebate, might be worth checking out. They usually require more than one appliance, but a surprising range of things count.

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congrats! so exciting!

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Great news. This will be a busy time for you, but fun. Can't wait.

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Getting our new panel box tomorrow. While we're at it we're also getting a box so we can hook up our generator to run the furnace if needed. I'm oddly excited about that, wanted one for a few years!

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You said that you were looking for a sale on the profile advantium. I just got an email from Home Depot and they have the advantium model PSB2201NSS one sale for $2199. I am not sure if that is a good price, but figured I would let you know. The online item # is 714564 It is says $2499 until you go to check out and then it deducts $300 off. They also have free shipping. Goodluck

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Wow, good luck! Then you can join those of us whose projects are done and aren't really sure why we keep coming back except to "share our wisdom."

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Ooo, thanks rikerk! I'm sure there are a few people here that will be interested in that!

Lol, dr. Beanie! I learned so much in ths process your darn right I'm hanging out after to give back. I am so grateful for all the sharing here. And all those hours of endless research seem a bit excessive for just one room, spreading it out to many others makes it more justifiable.

I might be able to get my hands on my Dad's kitchen too! It's long distance, they are moving when he retires in a few years so it will be their forever kitchen. I'm already thinking wall ovens, raised DW, induction cooktop (dementia runs in SM family, no gas leaks with empty induction burners turned on!), drawers, etc to make it easier for aging.

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This is exciting! Hopefully, you'll find the last few decisions exciting rather than difficult. What a great service you could do for your Dad, also. And how fun to have another kitchen with which to play.

Can't wait to see your choices and pictures!

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Williamsem: when your guy does the underlayment or whatever he does to prepare the floor for the cork, would you be able to make a note for me how he goes about it? We're overcautious after our marmoleum install fiasco and want to make sure this time it's right when we get to our cork glue down.

I'm really excited for you and can't wait to see it unfold!

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Very exciting! We're in the midst of our renovation, the addition is complete (we have walls and a roof) and the back wall has been torn down to incorporate the new space. They are now working on the rough plumb and electrical. Waiting for the window installation before the cabinet maker can come to measure, then another 6 weeks until they are finished and installed. Then the granite... It is worth all the mess and disruption.

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Thanks, breezygirl! I hope im still excited about doing Dads kitchen when this is over. I should probably wait to see how this goes before tackling a second one, lol!

Deedles, will get that info for you. It will be the first cork install for our GC, but the instructions are pretty good. I also made sure I stressed how it has to be completely, absolutely flat. Keep your your fingers crossed for me!

Mjocean, congrats on the walls and roof! Must be exciting to see that kind of progress. We should be finishing around the same time, give or take a complication :-)

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Sample door came this week, I will have it in my hands next week!! I can't wait to see it! Pics as soon as I get it home, of course. Figures it would come in the day before I start a 6 day work stretch :-/

Now I'll be able to finalize the cork color, pick pulls, pick paint, look at backsplash tiles, etc, etc...

Also have a couple if tile samples coming in the mail, busy week!

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I'm also looking forward to following the story of your cork floor. We're not doing it in our kitchen b/c that floor has hydronic heat, but thinking of glue-down upstairs. Most people look at me like I'm nuts when I mention it, have you had that experience?

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Yup. And that's will the assorted trades I've encountered. And flooring places. I decided not to raise the point with friends and family until its installed. It's just not common at all here, only one dealer for glue down when I started, and a Wicander dealer just came into the market.

I had good luck jumping in with induction based on GW, I'm willing to try cork too. Crossing my fingers we love it!

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Disappointed with the two tile samples that came today, though they are pretty. I feel like one of the brides on Say yes to the dress; don't even think they're worthy of posting pics, lol.

But cabinet install is scheduled for 5/13! I'll have an estimated delivery date later this week, they will be here several weeks before install to allow for any reordering necessary.

And did I mention the sample door is in and will be in my hands this week? I can't wait to hit the stores this coming weekend, samples in hand! (Can you tell I'm excited about the door?)

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Where are you getting your cabinets from again? Was this the backsplash tile that you got and don't like?

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They're Bellmont 1900 series cabinets. Can't wait to post pics of the sample door!

You are correct, the tiles are backsplash tiles. I think I have two more on the way, I kind of lost track the day I was browsing. Can't recall if I ordered from 2 or 3 places, one is here, one s back ordered a bit, and there may or may not be another sample floating out there somewhere...

I'm thinking white might not be the answer, so I will see how dark things might look with the door and take it from there.

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I'm following you with great interest, williamsem! Trying to hook up with KD's who sell Bellmont 1900 series, too. I was able to see some samples yesterday of the 1600 series and old Bellmont 1900. I'm eager to see your sample door, too!

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Hi, williamsem! I just ordered cork for my kitchen, and wanted to let you know your enthusiasm played a role in my decision, lol! It'll be installed the week after next, and I'll let you how it goes. I'm following your kitchen with interest. We're about three weeks in. Nine weeks to go? *crossing fingers*

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Hi steph2000! I will make sure I post plenty of pics since you're interested in the company.

Hi justmakeit! I'm so excited to see your cork, I wish mine was going in that soon! I need to order soon, once I can see how the colors work together. My plan is to fall in love with it and put it in some other rooms. I'm looking forward to hearing how you like it. Floating or glue down?

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We're getting glue down, Duro Design. At the last minute, just before ordering, I decided to get some for our back room too (an old enclosed porch that we use as a den). Up til that moment, I'd been planning on porcelain tile by the back door and carpet on the rest of the floor. Hoping the cork can stand up to snowy boot stamping and muddy garden shoes, with the help of doormats, of course. I'll keep you posted :-)

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Woohoo! Ordered the Advantium today! It arrives 3/15, unless I call in a few weeks and try to weasel my way into a later date. Didnt want to miss the sale, not sure there'd be another one before we start. It can keep the hood company on the great room floor :-)

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Congratulations! I ordered our Advantium and Blue Star cooktop today too! If you don't mind my asking, how did you do on pricing? We ended up paying $460 less than MSRP (on the 110v model). I hope you all got an amazing deal! Although a bit stressful, this is so fun!

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Yay! Congrats on ordering! I got a 240V Profile. The online friends and family store makes you swear to not reveal pricing every single time you log in, but I will say if I didn't have to pay the tax at appliancesconnection.com (gotta If I read the email I just got correctly, I think the cabinets are coming in 2 weeks. Yikes! Got to make some room. Or maybe the lead time is down to 2 weeks? Gotta ask what he meant.

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I started a thread with just the door sample to be helpful for people searching, wanted to post here in case anyone has subscribed to this thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bellmont door sample thread

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Also started a new thread to help with picking finishes so the title is more relevant.

Here is a link that might be useful: Help picking floor and backsplash!

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