Bosch washer- cracked...again!

compumomMay 26, 2012

This is an ongoing problem--For a washer that may see 5 loads a week, the durability of the fascia-- the housing of the machine is cracked, AGAIN. Actually it began cracking almost immediately after I bought it. They sent out a Bosch technician who was poorly trained or just not bright enough to figure it out. They replaced the fascia and the door didn't close without a boost. I complained and they sent this guy again. "we have a tech who services your area". Right...I'm in Los Angeles, he's in Orange County 50 miles away. That's my "local" tech?

I digress, when I complained and rather than them replacing the machine, the phone rep extended the warranty for another year. I should have fought harder. Whatever, but now, about 4 years later, it's worse and cracking from the screws that hold the fascia to the drum. And the top of the machine's housing is badly cracked.

We're not tough on the washer, we are empty nesters who have a sizeable drycleaning bill! The housing should have been metal and we wouldn't have had a problem. The actual washing machine works well, but the housing is junk.

Am I alone in having this problem? I have to call them on Monday, but their phone lines aren't open on Saturday...really???

I'd dump these machines in a minute for an LG or Samsung, but the profile height on the pedestals is what forced me to buy Bosch in the first place. My overhead cabinet height dictates how tall the machines can be and w/o a pedestal, my back hurts to bend down so low to move the heavy, wet laundry.

I'm anxious to hear if others are having problems too.

Thanks in advance for your replies!

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I have a Bosch Nexxt 500 plus that was 4 years old in April and I've not had any problems. I probably do about 7-8 loads a week.
I do not have mine on pedestals. I'm very short and so I don't mind the bend.
It sounds as if they should have replaced the machine when you initially had the problem.
It's maddening isn't it??

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Thanks for the vote of support. Yes, they should have replaced it -- the dryer has no cracks, I think it's the way this one was made.
And yes, it is maddening! :D

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Contact Bosch and ask them to have their tech manager review your file. There is a fix for this and it's pretty simple. He will be able to direct their customer service department to handle it for you.

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I have Siemens front loaders - essentially the same machines as Bosch. Both the dryer and washer plastics are cracked at the right screw hole at the top of each door opening. The dryer crack actually extends all the way up to the dial. It hasn't impacted their operation at all. They are both about 6 years old I think (if I could easily search my postings, the original thread is here - closeouts via eBay that a lot of people purchased, about $1100 for the pair which was really cheap for the time).

Anyways, I'm sure any replacement pieces will eventually crack again. A real disappointment. I'll keep using them until they die. These aren't stackable, which is a must given our small laundry room.

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Ugh, thanks for your post, it confirms the worst! I did call Bosch and spoke to a customer service agent who offered to review the situation after I have a service call. They will then decide if they will repair my machine. After reading your post, I saw that my dryer is cracked too!
The washer is cracked from the screw up to the dial, but the dryer is cracked at the left corner where the door closes.

I asked for an authorized repair shop, as they couldn't guarantee timing at all. The shop isn't much better but they sympathized and concurred that Abdul, the ONLY Bosch tech back in '08 who could come to my home, wasn't very intelligent or well trained. They said that they knew him (or his poor work) very well.
It's pretty discouraging knowing that these POS's won't truly be repairable. SHAME ON BOSCH/Siemens for selling them and then not standing behind their lousy products.

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Shockingly poor design. I hope the Bosch company takes care of your problem.

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