Summer/Winter hookup

danhunterSeptember 8, 2007

I have a problem with my oil boiler in my house. When I bought my house the former owners had the boiler hooked up with a summer winter hookup. I have a seperate water heater that creates hot water for the house but the boiler seems to be creating hot water as well. Can someone tell me how the summer/winter hookup works? Also, when I turn on the cold water on my kitchen sink I get about 20 seconds of hot water until it turns cold(this is a huge waster throughtout the day). This problem does not happen when I turn off the boiler during the summer time. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks-Dan

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Check first the your boiler isn't pre-heating the water for the other tank. If not:

Close the inlet or outlet valve to the pipes that feed the water coil on the boiler. You can then have an experienced heating man turn down the low limit setting on the aquastat to it's lowest setting until cool weather comes. In Fall, it will have to be reset at 150 (cast iron radiators)/160 (baseboard) on the low side.

The low limit setting is what the boiler will heat the water to and then maintain when the thermostat is turned down.

You can also shut down the boiler for the summer, but this may cause leaks at the fittings, which will shorten the life of the boiler.

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Summer/Winter hook-up is nothing more than supplying cold water to the inlet of the boiler's coil and running it through a series of loops within the boiler water, extracting heat from the boiler's water mass and supplying hot water out the other end of the coil.

I have always used my coil to create hot water. In my area, it's cheaper to use the coil than it is to have a separate hot water heater. In the Winter, hot water is somewhat "free".

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Is your separate hot water heater electric? It's possible the previous home owner set up to run electric in summer and oil in winter. You should have valves that you open and close to switch seasons.

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