Electrostaic air filter/washable . . .

dgsgSeptember 8, 2012

Anyone using this type of filter in their HVAC system? My current system uses a 20"x25"x5" main filter which gets changed every (9) months. There is also a 20"x25"x1" pre filter which gets changed every (3) months; this is the one I am thinking of replacing. I have it down between these (2) brands.



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I prefer the pleated main filter you are using now, I assume at the return end of furnace or air handler. See no reason to use the 1" filter as well. In fact it might be detrimental to the operation of your system.

Never have been a fan of electrostatic filters period.


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I use them in my place, not that brand though. I have a shedding dog and change my filters monthly. The 3M filtrete ones would have cost me almost a dollar a day.

I got my electrostatics on sale for the price of a 3M, and they're washable. I bought two, and rotate them, cleaning them in the bath with a handheld shower head. I put dish detergent on them now and then, and gently brush them. They've worked very well for me.

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