My Danby is still going strong at two years!

jessyfMay 24, 2006

Just coming back to report - May 24th, 2004, I bought a Danby. (Spewey, do you still have the picture to link?). Happy birthday to my machine!

I'm still a very happy camper with this machine. I do about a load a day, and everything comes out great. Liquid Cheer HE is my potion of choice, about 1 Tbsp, with a couple of teaspoons of STPP tossed in too. I use 1 tsp Downey Enhanced with about 1/4 cup DWV. No mechanical problems at all.

I have an old generic KitchenAid dryer, large capacity, so I can't report on the Danby dryer.

Love the machine - I have long ago gotten used to the long wash times. I'd buy one (or two!) again!

Just checking in with y'all....


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Hey Jessy :-).

Nice to see your Danby's are still working along 2 years later!!! Is it still pimped up with flames?

Send an email sometime - would be great to hear from ya again! I will always rememeber you decorating your laundry room in honour of my birthday... hehehe :-)

Take care!!


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Howdy, Jessy! Nice to 'see' ya!

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Hi Jessica! Haven't been around the forums in some time; I find it quite ironic that you just posted this today.

My Danby washer & dryer are still going strong here, and I STILL love them and am facinated by them. I believe I got mine back in July 04. I really hope nothing happens to them, as I'd want the exact same units again, and Home Depot doesn't sell them here anymore. During the hurricanes, I was more worried 'bout losing the Danby pair than any of the other appliances in my place, mainly because the others are replacable. Not sure why HD stopped selling them, but they're very good appliances. I do a load ever other day and I've not noticed any wear/etc on them.

As far as my alchemy goes, ~2 tbsp TideHE powder for whites/lights, a splash DWV in the fabric softener compartment. For the colors, CheerHE w/Colorguard at about 1/2 to 1/4 the recommended amount on the cap (closer to 1/4, oversudses otherwise) and the DWV in the fabric softener compartment. Oxyclean added to the pure whites. I found that if I used oxyclean on colors and used any real heat, the colors would fade slightly. Not the machine's fault, just mine. Barely noticable, so I caught it in time. I used to use Downy Advanced, but the smell is overpowering, even with just using a few drops. What ultimately turned me off to the Downy Advanced was when I knocked a nearly-full bottle of the stuff off the washer & the cap came off...and most of the bottle went all over the floor. Took forever to clean that junk off the floor. The DWV does the trick for me, and I love the "fresh" smell of cleanly laundered clothes now, not the artificial smell. It's amazing how much better towels work when they're not clogged with animal fat & artificial perfumes. I should also note that the Danby dryer is great for this as well -- no "burnt cloth" smell which I get from my FriGEmore dryer, even on the FriGEmore's lowest setting. I usually dry most of my items on the Danby's high setting, 'though I'll occasionally throw something in there on medium if I want to get it extra fluffy.

Let's see... If I had to design these machines over again... I'd want: 1) an end-of-cycle buzzer on the washer. Because it's in the laundry room, I don't even hear it running, even in a 1 BR 1000sq ft place. 2) Louder buzzer on the dryer for the same reasons. 3) A true fan-only setting on the dryer, not just a 10 minute setting... 'though the truth be told, the 10 minute one works fine, just the control freak in me. 4) Maybe an "extra water" control, 'though I've only used this once or twice by switching over to the permanent-press rinse cycle to get the higher water level, stop the machine, then move the dial over to the wash cycle that I want.

Would I buy this pair again? Absolutely. I haven't been appliance shopping (at least for W&D) since getting the Danby, so I don't know if there's anything equivalent on the market today, but even if there was, from the use and abuse these have received, I'm sold on them. FWIW, the Danby washer runs quite nicely on generator power, as I've found out the hard way. :)

7 days until Hurricane Season 2006. Woohoo!

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Sean M:
I just recently acquired a HE machine. Do you use all powder products? What is DWV? How do you use oxyclean in the machine? Thanks in advance!

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DWV = Distilled White Vinegar

We bought a Danby washer in Jan '06. Too early to form judgement on reliability/longevity, but it's good to hear others are having good luck.

I do wish they still put the extra water button on the machine. Haven't done the circuit modification to add this feature as I'd like to do it in such a way that it could be cleanly uninstalled in case service is needed (we are still under warranty). Although the Danby doesn't have the build quality of the Asko it replaced, it does a very good job of cleaning. I also like that it has an internal heater that works at all temperature settings and can do a very hot wash even though it's only a 120V machine (at the expense of longer wash time). Overall, it seems to be a good value.

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For those who haven't seen it, link below is the homepage for Jessy's pimped-up Danby.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jessy's hot Danby washer

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Great Work And A Very Happy Birthday To Danby!! color>size>Mustangs

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Well, this is just plain weird -- I was thinking about how I never check into the Laundry forum, I peek in, and find a Danby love-fest goin' on!

Our Danby has been going strong since Nov. 2004, and we wouldn't give it up for anything. My wife was initially *quite* skeptical, but she's really come around.

We'll be sad when it goes to Danby heaven. Whenever that is!!

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I only use the TideHE powder, mainly because on my whites & lighter loads (or unmentionables), I prefer to do the pseudo-profile wash that the Danby does, which includes a pre-wash. For this I have to use the powder, otherwise the liquid would all run into the pre-wash and there wouldn't be any left for the main wash. For everything else, it's liquids. Besides, liquids work better at lower temperatures than the powders do.

As far as the oxyclean goes, I just dump it in with the powder. ~1/2-3/4 tbsp. I'm not a precise measurer anymore. I've learned about "how much" is enough for the load and go with it.

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Hi Jessy! Nice to see you here.

Your washer is the coolest! I don't know any other washers that have their own homepage. I have been encouraging my washer to get onto myspace, but have been unsuccessful so far.


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Sean m:
Sorry to be off of topic, but thanks for that info. I haven't tried liquid detergent in my new machine yet. I'll need liquid non-chlorine bleach to go with it, right? Is oxyclean available in liquid form? My old TL didn't have dispensers, so I could use a combination of products and just stir them around in the water before adding the clothes.

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I really haven't had the need for bleach with this machine (chlorine/non-chlorine). I really only use the Oxyclean on the whites, in which I use the TideHE powder. As far as mixing them goes, I don't see why you couldn't... Just make sure you start the washer immediately after it. Even after walking on freshly-paved asphalt with white socks, the washer gets them clean. The power of an on-board heater (and profile wash) makes for very clean clothes without harsh chemicals.

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Thanks for the welcome back gang. I find it eerie that other Danby-ites have checked in too! We must all be connected on the same wavelength.

Hey Jon, you in college yet? I still have your bday pictures, somewhere! That was too funny.

Thanks spewey for the link...hugs...I blow you kisses...(NOT banana bunkers)

Sean and others - I forgot to mention that I use powdered Tide HE, STPP and Oxyclean in my whites cycles. I set my regular temp to 100, but I up it to 140 for whites. I don't usually have to prewash so it all goes in at the same time.

Joe! Myspace! OMG we should start a myspace for our appliances - since we've already been deemed certifiably insane, why not? I thought of you the other day when I finished up the STPP you had sent me. I was tempted to see if you wanted any more canned goods but didn't have the chutzpah to ask, so I $$$ ordered from The chemistry store.

I need to hang around here a bit more...been mostly at the Cooking forum where I am well known as 'Evil Jessy'...I went into our local appliance store to look at dishwashers, wanderdd into the laundry area and realized there were a LOT of washing machines that I didn't recognize (uh, whats an Oasis....)

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Still saving what you sent me for a special occassion! You are always welcome to make an offer! ;-)


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Happy Birthday to my Danby year three!

I decided to update this thread a month early because IÂve had two problems with the Danby. Luckily I bought an extended warrantyÂor was I?

In July 2006, my machine started leaking from the bottom. I pulled out the paperwork from Home Depot, and dutifully called the 800# to get an approved appliance repair shop. They sent me to a place in Los Angeles  on the other side of Los Angeles from me. Have you ever heard of our legendary traffic, night and day? Long story short, this company (Integrity Appliance) could not get their act together on scheduling. Over the course of what should have been two visits  one to diagnose and ascertain which parts were faulty, and the other to replace the unit, my scheduling info got lost three times. I think I ended up waiting at home a total of five days, maybe six. I am fortunate to be a stay at home mom so I just made sure I had at-home chores to do. At the end of the ordeal, I learned to ask Âwhat # customer am I in BorisÂs list today?Â, always making sure I was ranked in the top three, not 13 as he once said he sometimes has.

ÂBoris walked in my door on the second appointment. He was a lanky older gent from Eastern Europe  my dad says many of these guys know how to repair appliances well because they have had to learn to make do with what they have in their home countries. Shrug, I pass no judgment on that one. He was initially a bit defensive  even after I asked him if he would like a drink or to use a restroom (I always do that with repair people, a courtesy). Turns out, after I establish a laundryholic rapport with him (who can resist my ) that he is used to rude customers who donÂt treat him with common courtesy. What a shameÂitÂs a small world and a short life, and we should all get along, which we eventually did. Anyhoo I digress. At first he thought a clamp was loose and tightened it. Several weeks later on another visit, he then pointed out that the top bellows had been rubbing against the drum and had worn through in one spot. He ordered a new bellowsÂ.the bottom bellows came in two weeks later, so I had to wait a few more weeks for the correct part. Sigh. By the time he finished we had seen each other so many times we knew each others kids names. Just kidding.

Last week, when I first saw the dripping water, I knew the leak was probably from yet another hose rubbing somewhere. I called and asked for a closer company. No luckÂ.the closest one was 40 miles away, but from the same part of LA as the first. I was terrified after my last experience. I got an appointment for the next week and used my machine as little as possible. A young man, ÂDavidÂ, showed up with an assistant from Lithuania. Eastern Bloc again! He looked at my machine and said he had never seen one before. Even after I pointed out that the machine was made in Slovenia. So much for Âauthorized Danby repairÂ. Gets better. DanbyÂs are NOT that complicatedÂafter my last experience, I was confident (yea right) that this guy could work the same magic. He was doubtfulÂbut after the machine went into the drain cycle, there it was, the tell tale drips. A few minutes later David identified the rinse hose (I think he said drain hose?) as the culprit  showing me two places where it had worn. One was the culprit leak, the other was about to go. David then announces that he canÂt order a new hose since they arenÂt authorized! Arrrrggghhh. BUT, he does get some hose tape and manages to diligently wrap up both wounds. So my machine wonÂt leak for nowÂbut I sure hope he was right with the words Âdrain hoseÂ. I donÂt think so since they were hoses that led into the dispenser. I think he meant Ârinse hose since the leaks occurred at that part of the cyle. SoooooÂ.if I want the hose replaced, I should probably call the first place, Integrity, and have them come out to verify which hose it is, order it, and replace it. AND have all the hoses checked for rubbing, and have them secured away!

I have two more years left on the Danby warranty. I am looking at buying a second machine, probably a Bosch 500 or 700 at this point, because I occasionally need a bigger unit for mattress pads, multiple pillows, etc., and as back-up for the Danby. But I still love this machineÂtrue profile wash up to 200°, I can set the temp and spin speed independently, and go for a rinse and spin or just a spin. No delay start. No soak. Oh well!

And of course I asked Boris AND David what their favorite machines were. Whirlpool Duets, says both!

Till next year, JessyF

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Four years old and still going strong! No new leaks so far!

Spewey's link above is still active and gave me a chuckle. Thanks for keeping it up!

I now have one more year on the extended warranty....

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GREAT NEWS about your Danby!

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It's really sad that the little Danby FL isn't available anymore. One of the true bargains. Course with the value of the dollar these days, it'd probably cost about $3200.00!!

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cynic - it is still sold. Just not as cheaply as Home Depot.

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Where's the Danby still sold at? I wouldn't mind picking up another one at some point.

Just stumbled across the receipt for mine this weekend when reorganizing my files. Bought by Danby washer & dryer on 7/8/04 and still going strong. Can't imagine life without them now.

Paid $299.00 for the dryer, $399.00 for the washer. Absolute bargain of the century as far as I'm concerned.

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I think Danby stop importing the Gorenje made washer and dryer over 2 years ago. I just recently sold my Danby washer and dryer to a neighbor for $400.00 and my Ariston washer with pedestals for $300.00. The Danby was truly a good little unit for the price.


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Danbies are still available. Click, click click.

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I can't remember exactly, but I think I bought my Danby at HD two years ago in September. It was quite a search to find. Love it, but the plastic on the inner door holding the latch just broke, so I had to take off the outer door to set the latch each time I close the door. Very, very, very flimsy manufacturing. The door is back-ordered (4 weeks!!!) but only about $20 and one only needs a Philips screwdriver to replace it, no skills whatsoever; no need for a repair person. I love being able to wash my too-grease-spotted-to-spot-clean napkins at 200 degrees which seems to be the only way to get them really clean.

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Hello Danby gang!
I bought my Danby at HD for $399 on April 2004. So I cannot complain at all! I love this machine. However unfortunately it is starting to have a problem. At the end of the cycle it does not drain the water properly by itself and therefore it does not spin automatically.
However if I MANUALLY move the dial a couple of notches after the "F" it drains with no problem and then spins.
I hate to throw it away so I would be grateful for any help or suggestions.

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Well well.... I called Danby and posed my problem of poor draining/no spinning. The lady told me that one possibility was that I used too much soap recently and the whole thing was clogged up. She suggested to do a run on "D" with just 1 cup of DWV.
I actually did 2 runs until I saw all the soap going away and
then did another real load. As by MAGIC it worked perfectly!
Draining, spinning and all.
I hope that this was just the problem. And if this is the case my Danby is 4 years old and still going strong!

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I have a Danby front loading washer - DWM-5500W - I bought it used several months ago after doing a lot of online research and reading this forum. It worked great for a month or so (long enough to fall in love with it) and then it started to blow fuses. I found that if I set the heater to 80 degrees then there is no problem, so if I want it to be hotter I have to manually add hot water. Then shortly after that I started noticing more noise during the final spins, so I turned the rpm setting down a bit then a bit more. At first that seemed to help a lot and then not so much. I kept lowering the rpms and am now down to the lowest setting and it's still making a big racket. My husband looked at it yesterday and cannot see anything obviously wrong with the support absorbers/struts or the top spring even while spinning. There is no rust or gunk coming out of the bearings, either. There doesn't appear to be any cracks in the spider arms or any excessive play in the inner or outer baskets. There's no leaking anywhere. I have called a repair person and he said it was probably the bearing but he wasn't sure and that if it was it'd probably take 3 hours to fix it so it probably would cost as much as the machine originally cost., especially by the time we replace the heater element, too. So can anyone out there help with a service manual and/or advice.

I love this washer and the heater is definitely part of our love thing. I called Danby and the parts and heater are a reasonable price, but they may take a couple of weeks to get here. My husband is willing to spend the time to repair it but some guidance is in order. HELP, HELP, HELP me save my Danby from an early demise. TIA, elaine

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Does the washer have its own circuit? That is, if you pull the fuse that turns off the washer, do any other outlets, lamps, appliances, fans, or other electrical items get shut off at the same time? The washer heater draws 1300w by itself, plus whatever the motor uses, which is about all a 120V/15A circuit can handle. If a freezer is on the same circuit it will blow fuses whenever it and the internal water heater cycle on at the same time.

Not sure whats going on with the springs or struts.

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Time to report back on the 5th anniversary.

Weeks before the extended warranty was to expire, my baby developed another leak. Repair people came out, and several weeks later, like over a month, the part (detergent dispenser bellows) came in. Yet another friction leak - the rubber rubbing up against some harder part in the machine. Different hose this time.

It would cost about $100/year to extend the warranty. Um, no thanks. At least I do have a company to call who knows how to fix it - BUT I will be keeping my eye out for a new Danby. Yes, its that good.

In the meantime, we had room, plumbing set up, and intentions of buying a second machine. I couldn't bring my laundry over to my neighbors forever, so I bought a Bosch Nexxt (800). I now have two functional washing machines, and a dryer in between. Stay tuned, I'll be starting a new thread with my opinions on Bosch vs. Danby.

Elaine, best of luck with your machine; I don't want to bump your thread down. You might try applianceguru or google 'appliance repair forums'. Anyone else have suggestions for her?

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Happy 6th bday to my Danby! Since the warranty ran out, it's relegated to second banana - I use the Bosch now for most loads. I switch to the Danby when I want my clothes CLEAN and not just the dirt taken out :-p

(I never did start that Bosch Nexxt vs Danby thread - let me just say - not impressed with the Bosch. Tangles my jeans, picky about spinning, too short wash cycles. I KNEW I shouldn't have gotten a tilted drum! Eh. A bit of buyers regret but that was the best on the market at the time, I couldn't justify the Miele. I haven't been back to this forum much so I'm not up to date on the latest and greatest. I'd buy another Danby in a heartbeat!)

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Thanks for the update, Jessy!

FYI, I believe the new Bosch Vision washers do not have a tilted drum.


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I know this is an ancient thread, but anyone else out there still using their Danbys?

I am. IIRC I bought mine in Aug of 2004, so almost 10 years now. Although I'll admit that a wheel/roller had broken in the dryer, not too difficult to replace. Other than that, still going strong and I still love them.

For those who aren't still using the Danbys, what are you using / what would you recommend replacing them with?

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What a blast from the past this has been!

May 24th will be my ten year anniversary with my Danby washer, which I use about weekly now. It had developed one leak last year, which DH and I repaired ourselves. I still love this machine....Sean, thanks for the memories!

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Jessy! Wow, it's been ages since we've conversed. Does your Danby still have the stick-on flames on the front of it? Mine still looks and works like new. I was worried that getting it down a 3 story walk-up would have killed the suspension but it made it fine.

Have you used any other washers worth buying? My mother's FridGEmore pair needs to be replaced (dryer has a broken roller, washer seems alright, but it's ~14 years old) and the Whirlpool laundry center at one of my places just took a dump about 3 hours ago.

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LOL Sean yes it still has the stick-on flames. I'll keep those if I ever have to replace it. Mine still works like a charm, sounds and looks great.

I'm not up on the forum anymore...I'd have to really research if either of my machines went out, so I can't help you with recommendations. My dryer is a cheapo unit I bought 22 years ago, dries on 'high' only, sensor doesn't work, had to repair it once or twice (solenoid went out, DH and I repaired it ourselves by watching a video on, but I don't need much in a dryer.

Happy hunting for your mom!

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Amazing! My danby goes to ten years in just a couple of months.

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Ironically... I bought my current car back in August 2004, which is when I bought my current car (technically July 31, 2004, took delivery a week or so later). 202,000 miles later... Looks like I'll be selling off the car first.

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