Noisy Rheem blower

mikemrSeptember 12, 2011

I have a 10-year-old Rheem 92% high-efficiency condensing gas furnace which has given outstanding service (especially after I fixed the condensate leaks, something the lazy factory should have done to begin with, but that's another story).

The only issue is, when the blower spools up, the 60Hz hum from the motor is really obnoxious. When it's up to speed it's fine. The motor is hard-mounted to the blower case, which turns the furnace and ducting into a nice 60Hz sound board. Any ideas on how to quiet this thing? Thanks in advance.

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sounds like it might be on its way out

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Ok thanks for the suggestions. The motor that came with the brand-new furnace had a very loud hum continuously (and it ran hot) ... a real high-quality made in Mexico motor. The installer replaced it with a (made in USA) GE motor and a new starting capacitor. It's made the exact same noise for almost 11 years.

It wouldn't be such a pain if the furnace weren't installed in the middle of the 1st floor of the house.

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