Miele for less $$ than Electrolux or Samsung?

mamadadapaigeMay 5, 2011

I will be in the market for a new washer and dryer since we are moving into a new house and the current owners are taking their machines with them.

I work in the kitchen and bath design industry and thus am able to get Miele for a discounted price (still a lot of $$). Comparing the price for the W4842 washer and T9822G dryer from Miele would be a couple of hundred dollars less than the Electrolux Wave Touch Series (got a price from AJ Madison - priced in white and included $200 off each, free deliver and no sales tax).

For years, I thought that when I got a new set I would opt for the Samsung with VRT technology... I guess I got sucked in by all the commercials I have seen on TV with the wine glass on top of the washer and not moving an inch.

I care about how clean things get but even more so about no vibration and quietness and MOST important is that the drum doesn't hold on to water thereby causing a musty smell (as is the case with the Maytag Neptune washer I currently have which had a class action law suit against it for this water issue - I unfortunately didn't find out about the lawsuit until it was too late and have been a slave to this machine for ten years - having to get the stuff out of the washer within minutes of the cycle finishing or having clothing end up with PERMANENT musty smell). Cost plays in a little but overall reliability would be more important along with the above mentioned factors.

Any advice? THANK YOU!

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Points to consider:

1. Will you benefit from the standard warranty?

2. Do you want to hold on untill the new IntelliQ series appear which will replace the W4842 & T9822?

If you have such a chance, I say go for it, it's a no brainer.

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Thank you Mihai... not sure what you mean by will I benefit from the standard warranty? I am assuming I will have access to warranties no matter what and most assuredly want that.

Re: a new model... not sure I'd like to go with a brand new model. Have been burnt in the past with this sort of thing. Would rather go with something that has been out at least a year or two.

What is the IntellQ series? I am not aware of it.

Thanks again for your reply. In the mean time I have been on the forums and got a little scared off of the Samsung. I read many of "larsi"s posts and he/she seems quite happy with Electrolux after many nightmares with Miele, although Miele seems to have such a solid reputation and I would feel comfortable going this route.

Just am curious if anyone thinks it is worth paying more for Electrolux over Miele?

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LOL ... you missed the thread where Larsi (he) goes back to Miele. He is the BIGGEST Miele fan on this forum for sure. I'm sure he'll chime in here (I think he "senses" when people are talking about Miele).

I purchased the W4842/T9822 in February of this year and I'm very pleased with them. I had 10 year old Frigidaire FL before. These machines are WAY better at washing and particularly rinsing.

I personally would not pick the Electrolux over Miele (but that's me). I didn't even consider Electrolux (I couldn't stand that push door business and I thought the whole control panel seemed cheap.

My second choices to Miele would be Samsung and LG.

I think mihai914 might have been asking if you were good with the standard Miele 1 year warranty or if you need to consider extra $$ for extended options. Luckily, here in Canada, I purchased mine with a promotion for a free upgrade to the 10 year warranty (sweet).

Here is a link that might be useful: Excited/Embarassed/Surprised....I returned to Miele

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LOL... you are right, I missed the followup. Will read it now. What a riot - makes me feel better about going with Miele particularly since the price would be less than Electrolux. I would most definitely get the extended warranty. I am lucky in many ways, but unfortunately have not been lucky where appliances are concerned.

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Mamadadapaige, Miele is pretty stiff on some sales policies. For example if a vendor sells below their fixed retail price, that vendor exposes itself to loosing his right to sell the brand.

I would just make sure that given your "commercial" status (from what I understand) they will not refuse warranty repair.

The new machines have mostly cosmetic upgrades and some software updates for some new wash programs. If you google IntelliQ, you should get some info.

From what I know, larsi now owns the Mieles you wish to buy.

Personally I think it's worth paying more for the Miele vs. the Electrolux, if you are looking at a long-term ownership. So if you are getting the Miele cheaper than the Electrolux, then it's even better.

From what I read here, the W4840 and corresponding dryer had some issues that were resolved with the 4842 making it a solid performer.

By design though, the dryer is not as quiet as other brands and the washer vibrates more than a Samsung.

For reference, how much of a good deal can you get. For example, a moth ago Miele Canada was offering 1000$ off the set.

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mihai914, Miele just started a promo for May (in Canada) for a free 10 year warranty on any appliance purchased. I'm considering a new dishwasher .... :)

My machines are installed in my basement laundry room which has tile over concrete. I find them quite quiet but my install makes a big difference.

I have a friend who has them installed in a second floor laundry and they are slightly noisier. They are custom home builders though and they reinforce the floors knowing Miele's are going in there. I don't find them bad.

LG/Samsung WILL be quieter. While Miele has gotten much better with their newer suspension system it still isn't the same as the VRT in Samsung or TrueBalance Anti-Vibration System in LG.

Like me, you should do a pro/con list and decide what is most important to you.

I had narrowed it down to the LG WM3885 vs Miele. The LG was larger with more features like steam in the washer and dryer. I really did like the LG - I loved its lights and "whistles".

In the end, I went with Miele - giving up larger capacity and whistles for, what I hope, will be a superior wash and durability. So far I'm very pleased - leaps ahead of my last machines. Of course I can't say how happy I would have been with the LG as I've never owned one.

My parents have new entry level LGs and they are very happy with them. When they saw my Mieles for the first time, my mother commented how "solid" they looked. She said they looked like quality appliances (FWIW).

My sales guy has been to Germany to see Miele manufacturing first hand and he told me, "no one builds them like Miele". He said if they had a Miele machine opened up in the store and a competitors - people would be able to see what they are paying for (it's all under the hood as he called it). The components are superior to what the others are using (ie. cast iron cradle vs. concrete).

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mamadadapaige, I wanted to post this video link for you. It's one of the most detailed pieces you'll find on Miele and what you get for your $$. It's a good watch.

Since cleaning is a priority for you, I thought you might find this information valuable.

Miele is lacking in marketing for sure. It's hard to find concrete info on their products.

I was looking at their dishwashers and their site doesn't allow you to compare models so you can see at a glance what the differences are. Crazy ...

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele - The Art of Laundry Care

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I have the samsung VRT steam washer and dryer FL's and love them, they are extremely quiet and mine has very little vibration at all, so for me the wine glass would sit still.
I got a great price on my set at Lowes buying the model that will soon be replaced or has been by now, by the latest model. They will do great deals on those if they still have them in their warehouses.
Mine clean very well, I have had no problems at all. I only use powder in them, Sears HE powder and purex crystals with the powder awesome combo.
I am very happy with my choice.
3.9 cu. ft. Steam Washer
7.4 cu. ft. Steam Electric Dryer

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I had a Frigidaire too.. I liked it until it failed a fast stupid and horrible death. that could have been avoided if it were made a little better. I have looked at Miele years ago. they are nice but priced high. This time I got a Samsung 4.5 cu ft steam washer. I have had it a few weeks now and its nice. It runs very quiet, spins are smooth, it cleans very good. I am not sure about the wine glass thing mine has a very slight shake that only happens for a few seconds when it starts the spin. Its nothing that moves the machine and can only be felt from the top of the cabinet. I have a pedestal too so that could be why, still it's nothing that will rock the house at all but I notice it if I am next to it.

The Samsung has the Diamond drum which is nearly the same as Miele's honeycomb design, at least that's what I thought when I saw it and it seems to be good to my stuff.

I got my washer on sale at Best Buy for $637.49 at the beginning of April. It has not been on sale that cheap since.

I did look at Electrolux but only look....its the same company that makes Frigidaire. I looked at LG, Bosch, and Whirlpool too. LG and Bosch are the only brands that come close to Samsung and Miele in my opinion.

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Thank you all for your advice! I am eliminating the Electrolux from the running. At this point I will compare the Miele to the LG livebetter is looking into and the Samsung that ravencajun says is being replaced by a newer model (I guess I prefer to get the one being discontinued and know it is tried and true than get some whiz bang feature on a brand new model and risk growing pains... plus as mentioned maybe there will be deals).

Mihai914... you make some good points. I think Miele offers this program as a ways of thanking designers for recommending their products so it wouldn't make sense for them to not offer everything I'd have access to as a retail customer.

I am pasting a link.. it is comes out to about 25% off MSRP. The washer and dryer pair would be about $2500 my cost.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Personal Use Program

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Ohmmmmmmmmm....I sense someone was speaking about my Miele!!!

Livebetter, you are hilarious!

Over the many years, I swayed from Miele to try Samsung and Electrolux..and I went back to Miele, and will stay with Miele forever. Our entire household is Miele, we have 10 Miele appliances!

The materials used, build quality for Samsung and Electrolux are so inferior to Miele. Miele uses metal, thick plastics and heavy, solid glass. The other two use cheap, flimsy plastics.

Trust me (and livebetter) and sstava....Get the Miele!!!

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Couldn't have said it better myself! You can sometimes still catch me staring fascinatingly into my machine as it churns away, utterly engrossed in the technology of it all. I subscribe to the philosophy that says, if I splurge on high-tech, luxurious appliances I will then enjoy doing chores. Fun things like these have become a few of my luxuries. I'm a pisces... what can I say?

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I have read many of the threads comparing the Mieles to other machines and want to thank all the "regulars" for informative postings. I went to my dealer this week to see the 4842/9822 and get a quote. Special thanks to the OP for sharing the link to the Miele program; I would not have known that we were eligible for the special prices (my husband is an architect) otherwise. That seals the deal as far I'm concerned. I have been living for many years with a washer and dryer that never lived up to the marketing hype and although they are still working, I am ready to move on. I've had so many sets of towels ruined, with loops being pulled out so they resemble shag rugs. The last straw was a mold issue. I hope the Miele machines deliver as well as you all say!

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