us stove auger issue

neksteveSeptember 17, 2012

I just purchased a us pellet stove. filled it up with pellets turned it on. the augers go but the pellets didnt come out. I emptied it out. seemed all ok, put few in and pellets came out. soon as u add more pellets it slows down or the pellets stop coming down the shoot. tech support says air leak through the door. Any suggestions.

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Check for air leaks?

Also make sure all connections are tight. I have a friend who had issues with his auger, and it was a loose connection.

There's some sort of safety cutout if there's air leaks, I suspect that's what tech support is getting at.

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Thank you very much. some where to start looking.

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I didnt have any air leaks every thing was tight and connected. I cleaned every thing and started again. pellets come out to start, but trickle so slow after initial start the fire goes out. it burns hot at first. I have an idea, i direct vented straight outside as i was told draft would be better, should i add the cleanout and go up a few legnths then cap it?

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So I have tried many things, including bypassing the low limit switch. I bumped up the auger flow by hitting auger trim on heat setting 1. still just trickles 1 or 2 pellets at each cycle or every other cycle. eventually burning out as not enough pellets drop. turned up to settings 2, 3, 4 and 5 and no change, not enough pellets drop to keep it going. every thing is clear in the auger. anyone have suggestions?????

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