A Few Dishes (pics heavy)

dcarch7June 5, 2012

I made a few dishes based on a few ingredients in recent discussions.


Gulf Shrimps with Black Trumpet Mushrooms, Black Garlic, & Black Potatoes.

Drumsticks with Artichoke Stems

Roasted Pork on Jicama

Sausage Flavored Cod on Tofu, with Ginger/Scallion Sauce

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I just love what you did with the artichoke stems! And the jicama reminds me of jelly fish!

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your dishes are beautiful and terribly creative. do you ever sit down with a pb & j on a napkin, lol? I would love to be served meals that look so pretty.

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LOL, jae.

That's an interesting use of artichoke stems, I'm glad I saw that. I actually have artichokes growing in the back yard, I started them inside in March. Now if I can keep the blasted squirrels out of them. I fenced them off from the bunnies, now the squirrels are eating them.

I didn't know the stems were cooked and eaten, but I've never grown artichokes so have never had the opportunity to try it. We'll see how they do, I don't know anyone who has ever successfully grown an artichoke in Michigan and I might not have any either, but I'm optimistic!


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Jenny, thanks. The juice from cooking the artichoke stems was used in making the drumsticks. The Jicama was very slightly cooked.

jae, thanks. It really takes very little time to plate food. It takes hours from shopping, recipe planning, prep, cook ------ a dish. Those few seconds to pile food on a plate logically is well worth it; you always get the "WOW"!.

Annie those artichokes with long stems are big globe shaped, not the small heart shaped ones. They are twice as big, very tender and meaty.


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The second image makes me think of the BP oil spill in the Gulf. Mmmmm. Shrimp floating near an oil spill surrounded by a few tar balls. Yum. :-)

This is the first time for me when your artful presentation of the food might have detracted from my imagined enjoyment of what sounds like a scrumptious dish.

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Bob, that is a fascinating comment, and inspiring too.

I have always just pile food on a plate based merely on the ingredients' natural geometry and color, I seldom carve food to look like something else, or to make a sociological statement.

Your comment makes me think that intentional composition can have more dimensions layered on it, such as symbolism, to engage the beholders into more enriching visual experiences.

Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it.


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oh oh, look out. With Bob's comment, and Dcarch's response, I fear he might be on a mission. ;-)

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