Mold Moisture In Crawl Space

maizenbluedocSeptember 21, 2012

I have black mold and condensation on my ducts in the crawl space under my house, which is approximately 2200 sf. I had one company quote me a price of $5200 to cover all outside vents and replace entry doors with Everlast doors at $300 each. Also, they would seal around all plumbing and electrical fixtures, then install a Santa Fe Advance dehumidifier without encapsulation. My concern is if the soil is not covered, the dehumidifier will run constantly,limiting the life of the dehumidifier and, thereby increasing my electricity usage considerably. I am not an expert, but this does not appear to be the best solution. They will treat the mold with Mold-X Neutralizer and remove all insulation, leaving the wood exposed. I think that encapsulation with the dehumidifier would be the best solution. Like to hear from the experts. I live in coastal South Carolina where summer humidity is very high. Thanks.

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you have two sources of moisture. ground
and ductwork. both would have to be addressed.

sealing ductwork with mastic materials &
vapor barrier on ground would be necessary.

What type of duct work do you have?
flex duct or hard pipe ducting?
is the heating equipment in the crawlspace? is it gas?
any insulation in the joist bays of the floors?
how many openings do you have in the crawlspace?

best of luck.

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