where to purchase an American Standard Allegiance18 conden. unit?

rcbnySeptember 23, 2011

Our central a/c has gasped its last gasp and needs to be replaced. We do not want to go through the cost/annoyance of installing a system with the new coolant, so are considering the AC Allegiance18 because it still uses R-22, AND has the other features we need: 5 ton, dual stage, variable speed, etc. Hope I got that right...?

Anyone know off-hand where I can find one of these? Thought I'd check here before making a zillion calls to dealers.

Many thanks for any help!

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You realize this is a discontinued AC condenser?

You already have a var speed furnace or air handler?

You can find an AmStd dealer by going to dealer locator on AmStd HVAC website.

Good Luck!

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Hi tigerdunes, thanks for the follow-up. Yes, we understand this is discontinued, thus the reason we're having a hard time locating one. We have a variable speed air handler and just need to replace the condensing unit. But we don't want to have to switch over to the new coolant systems since it seems like a big to-do with a new installation. If we have to, we'll just go with a one-stage R-22 unit, but would prefer the dual stage. Thanks again.

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