Carrier or Trane Heat Pump- which way to go?

mr_beanSeptember 4, 2010

Hi to all! I need help deciding between a Carrier and a Trane. I live in central florida,1800 sq.ft single level house, currently have a 14-yr old TRANE 3.5ton heat pump. I called up 5 different companies and so far this is the lowest estimate for both brands from the same company.


Outdoor unit model#25HCC542A

Indoor unit model#FV4CNF005T w/electrical heat 5kw

Digital Programmable Thermostat w/humidity control(did not specify model#)

$6,049 INSTALLED PRICE (tax credit not deducted)

TRANE XR 15 - 3.5TON 15 SEER

Outdoor unit model#4TWR5042E

Indoor unit model#4TEE3C07A w/ electric heat 5kw

Digital Programmable Thermostat w/humidity control- XL800

$5,478 INSTALLED PRICE (tax credit not deducted)

Scope of work is the same for both brands:

-install new refrigerant lines/flush drains

-reconnect to existing duct system/perform blower door test/inspection of insulation

-reconnect to existing electric service

-install new safety float switch

-new pad with hurricane clips for outdoor unit

-new wood on top of return box

-removal and disposal of old system

-permits and inspection

I asked the salesman w/c of the 2 brands is better and he said both are good but the Trane's compressor will be more expensive to repair because it has 2 motors and if 1 breaks down you need to replace both. Is this true? Would really appreciate any advice. Thank you.

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Both systems are good. I prefer the Trane.

Not true. The salesman must have been talking about the XL20i from Trane, which does have two compressors -- the XR15 and every other product by Trane uses one compressor only.

I'm surprised the Carrier system costs more than the Trane. I'd expect the opposite.

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Thank you for your quick reply, appreciate it.

Same with other contractors, Carrier is more expensive than Trane and all of them recommended Carrier over Trane. I wonder why?

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Great Post!
I am in your situation almost exactly.
My first estimate came with a rec. of Carrier, Trane, or Bryant for the same type of system you describe.
My guy went with Bryant as they are made by Carrier, but less expensive. He said no to Trane as I live in Florida but 10 miles from the water and he would have suggested Trane as it has aluminum coils which would have been better for rusting if I lived my the water.
He is giving me your air handler but the Bryant Legacy 215A as I do not want a 2 speed compressor. Since my elec. bills are low, he said the extra money for the Bryant Preferred 16 seer heat pump would not be a good enough pay back for the outlay.
Anyway my price is $6570...quite a bit higher for something that is supposed to be cheaper than Carrier.

Any comments here would be appreciate. I have 3 more "salesmen" coming, and I know someone is going to add Rheem to the list. From what I've read about Rheem, you either love them or you experience has been so bad that you hate them.

So to you question:what is the best variable speed air handler with humidity controls matched with a single speed 15 seer heat pump?



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