LG Dryer and Washer

missionridgeMay 21, 2010

Hi All,

We are moving in a new home and are in the market for all appliances. We like LG true steam dryer and washer with square/rectangular window which is the latest model. Want to know if anybody has used it and any comments on these machines. The sales guy showed me all the other brands and showed that LG has invented this and is the best

Please give your feedback before we buy in Mid June'10



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I have an LG washer/Dryer and not too impressed. Lot of vibration from the washer and we have to run a cleaning cycle too often I think. All home front loaders may be that way, but this is my first.

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Well, one happy LG owner here. 3 years-no problems, no vibrations, no mildew. No cleaning cycles,no bleach. I don't have the steam feature, just wouldn't do anything for me.
Good luck!

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Isn't it crazy for someone coming online to figure out which brand to get and either people have nothing but great things to say or nothing but bad things to say. It makes it a NIGHTMARE honestly. I think if you decide on the LG, just make sure that someone in your area actually services LG. Otherwise, you will be up a creek when/if something goes wrong and no one in your area services LG.

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We've had our LG front loading washer and dryer for about 3 years now. The washer gets our clothes much cleaner than our old Kenmore top loader did. I leave the door open to the washer after use to cut down on the mildew that I have seen in other people's front loaders. It seems to be working well. That allows enough time for the interior to dry out. We do have animals and I have had to clean/pick hair out from along the sealing rim in the front of the machine. It is not as easy as I would like, but I am able to get it fairly clean. I have been very happy with the washer. The normal wash cycle takes around 50 minutes to complete. I have had no vibration problems from it.

The dryer is fairly straightforward and works well. I like the dry sensing function, but we also had that on our Kenmore. The clothes do get dry quicker in the LG dryer and it finishes it's normal cycle before the washer.

Both new appliances are quieter than their replacements. I really like the cheerful "tune" that rings out when the loads are complete.

We purchased ours through Home Depot and have been very pleased with our decision.

I hope that helps some!

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I have a pair about 3 years old too. I think I got mine a month or two before the square door version came out. I have used the steam in both units but could live without the feature, so buy that model for size, color or some other feature you need. Especially in the dryer, there are other ways to produce steam.

That said, I am very happy with the washer and dryer. We had some vibrating when it was first installed, but it had not been properly leveled. We got out a level and corrected it, checking front to back, side to side, front and back and diagonally. It ran so unbelievably smooth then, especially for the 1300 rpms. So much quieter than our old machines and clean better too. I can't believe they are running in the laundry room with my door open and don't interfere with anything in the kitchen or family room. The gorgeous blue is icing on the cake.

I have had 2 service calls -- the first one turned out to be nothing, but less than a week of the warranty running I had a question on the way the dryer was working. Turned out it was fine -- but I didn't have time to run more laundry and question it before I made the call. The other things was that a single screw in the dryer was too long and was catching the felt edge on the screen. The tech told me on the first call to just call and they would send the part, but when I called they insisted on sending the tech back out.

Also, they have an LG only tech here and there is no problem getting a timely appointment or parts. He has a truck full of LG parts, so little chance of a second trip needed. He told me they try to keep every working part on the truck so you never have to wait for a part to be able to use your machine. Some cosmetic pieces might require a second trip, but rarely a working part. After having been kept waiting over a month for parts and repeat trips only to have Whirlpool decide they (and A&E) would not fix my old machine, that was pure music to my ears. I would probably buy an LG for that reason alone.

No regrets here.

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Also meant to say we do keep the door open after running, but I have never had to run a cleaning cycle. I may have done one just to test it earlier on, but never had to have one. The sanitary cycle gets any Gulf Coast humid summer stinkies taken care of -- and that's the laundry, not the washer. ;-)

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My applicance store contact said that they were proceeding causiously on LG W/D since Maytag sued them over patent infringement. Maytag won in one court & it has been appealed to a higher court. This shop is concerned that with the size of the award that LG will pull out of the US market if they lose the appeal (too costly to pay fine), thus why you may see issues with service in smaller communities. My SIL in Louisiana waited 2+ weeks for a dryer part to come in.

On the other hand I LOVE my Whirlpool Duet (Steam Dryer/regular Washer). During remodel I didn't have time to pre-treat so was throwing boys' dirty sports clothes in Washer, setting on "heavy soil", & using Clorox II. I was AMAZED at how clean they came out. Using a FL for the 1st time takes a little time to get used to using less soap -- but am saving tons of $$ on soap. Dryer drys very quickly even though I use MAX water during rinse.

Good luck with your decision.

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We've had our LG Tromm's for 4 years now, I believe they were some of the early models that came out. Everyone in here raved about them, so we bought them for the renovation.

My only complaint is that the washer is pretty loud when it's spinning, you can hear it all the way upstairs from the basement. Not offensively loud, but still noticeable. No vibrations. It cleans really well, and I keep the door completely open between washings to let it dry out. You'll never have mildew that way, but you'll have to resign yourself to the fact that the washer's door will always be open when not in use. I got over that after a week :)

The dryer works very well, but I've noticed now 4 years later that the sensor dry leaves the clothes slightly damp unless I manually switch the setting to "more dry" from the default "dry". I've tried cleaning it out to remove all the lint in the unit, but it still does that.

And the dryer is quite noisy also...noisier than our old Maytag it replaced.

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LG Tromm set here, too. Have had it 4 1/2 years. We live on a ranch, so there is lots of dirt. No problems with the set. Now, it's not the steam version about which you are asking, so I've hesitated to answer. We do have a local service person, but I haven't needed service, so I cannot address that issue either.

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We also have the LG Tromm set. As I'm typing, my washer is yet again on the fritz. We purchased it in July '04 and this is the 5th service call. I know it's almost 6 years old, but my old top loader was a GE and went for almost 20 years without a hitch. I do have an extended warranty on it, so it'll get fixed. But I'm still shopping for something new, just in case. I don't think I want another FL. I may steer toward the Maytag Bravos, just not sure.

The dryer? Been a champ. I too have a problem with the dryer sensor leaving clothes damp, but when I had a service call on it, the guy told me it was either too big a load, etc..etc... And then with every washer repair, I'd ask again and get the same story with no repair. I've lived with having to use the manual settings. So I'm a tad stung with the LG's, don't think I'll try them again.


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> I too have a problem with the dryer sensor leaving clothes damp

all FL's...
you can thank the government and energy star.
they thought all out clothes in the past, were too over-dried ..
using too much energy

just set to "more dry"

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I never use sensor dry.
Just turn the time on. When done and need few more minutes, not big deal!

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Anyone with experience on the newer mdoels? I notice many of these posts are from models about 3+ yrs old. Anyone with one about a year old???

I just bought a pair and haven't yet run it so I am very interested!

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The "normal" auto-sensor dryness level on most dryers nowadays probably is designed purposely to leave some items in the load slightly damp, particularly on seams, waistbands, pockets and other heavy areas. However, all auto-sensor dryers I've seen aimed at the U.S. market have a range of dryness levels (typically five) from Damp to Very/Extra Dry, with Normal being the middle choice. If Normal Dry is a tad too damp, simply chose a higher setting the next time a similar load is run. That'll be more consistent and accurate from one load to the next than guesstimating by time.

Leaving the load just a bit moist can also be considered a good thing. Slightly warm items removed from the dryer will cool and equalize to a natural moisture content.

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Mine are 2 1/2 years old and working great! They were truly life changing!

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Search my thread of LG FL and dryer....just posted today. I have a new LG washer and dryer and have had great luck with them!!!

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