I Want Rough Towels

lbpodMay 18, 2012

Maybe this was answered in some other thread, but

a 'search' came up with nothing. My DW bought new

bath towels, and they are TOO soft. They are made

from something called Egyptian Cotton. Anywhoo,

where can I get old fashioned towels that are

nice and rough, or is there some way to treat

these towels? A scratcy towel just feels good

after a shower. Thanks.

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wash them in hot water and don't use any fabric softener. they will get scratchy. Me--I love soft towels!

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A couple of years ago I bought some towels from BB&B out of curiosity. One set made from bamboo and one made from hemp. Both are courser/rougher than cotton, quite absorbent, and quite durable.

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If you like scratchy towels - and I do - you need to buy cheaper towels. Not too cheap - think Targets better grade or medium-priced ones from BB&B. JCP has some good, cheap ones too. If you get really good Egyptian cotton they won't be scratchy for a long time.

I buy washcloths by the dozen to wash my face. I use them once then throw them in the wash. I like them scratchy. I bought some good ones on sale that are still too soft and nothing I do to abuse them seems to make them scratchy.

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Line dry them.

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Buy Lands End's finest Supima towels, and wash on HOT water. Worked for us. (much to our di$may)

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i'm with you. i hate the too-soft (completely non absorbent) plush "luxury" towels. i found the perfect towels (for me!) at home goods. they're a kind of waffle weave and i could tell by how they felt in the store that they were what i was looking for. they're not at all thin, but a very nice weight and they were cheap. really cheap. i think i paid $7 for each bath towel.

they're white and i wash them using the sanitary cycle.

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kate, high quality towels aren't all non-absorbent. I have expensive towels purchased at Macy's that are VERY absorbent, AND very soft. I've seen some very soft towels that are quite affordable at Kohl's but not having owned them/washed them for months, I have no idea how soft they would remain over time.

I don't over-do with softener. too much softener will reduce absorbency

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@ Dave: agreed! I never use fabric softener on my towels. Recently I was having a haircut and the towels were soooo soft. I commented on it and the stylist said, yes they are but they don't absorb well. I asked if they used fabric softener and she confirmed they did. I suggested they stop or cut back and see if it helps. I will ask next time if they did and for the results. But personally, I saw a big difference when I stopped using it on towels and cloths.

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fabric softener? what's that?!
i never touch the stuff. ;-)

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I always use FS on certain loads, including towels, and have no issues with absorbency, but the trick is not to use very much FS. I dilute it roughly 4 or 5 to one, and put in that diluted mixture up to the lower limit of the FS compartment of our Samsung FL. Some loads we DON'T use FS, such as biking clothes! I made the mistake the other day of putting in FS with bike shorts/shirts and realized the error of my ways when I took everything out of the dryer. What a mess. I had to rewash them all three times with a bit of detergent and some vinegar. Eventually, they came out fine, but I was worried I'd ruined them all as the feel was disgusting--like they were oily and the stuff stuck to my fingers when I handled the bike clothes for even a moment. I'm so glad a few rewashes fixed the problem.

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I agree. A fluffy soft towel feels great to touch, but to dry? A not-so-soft towel does it better. If you can wash inside, and hang them outside = rough towel! :)

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Wow; that's easy. What covington said.

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My DH likes his towels "crunchy". I never use fabric softener on my towels. My grandmother used it so much that the water would just run across her towels so I learned early that softener and towels don't mix. When I put them in the dryer they fluff so they are still soft. When I hang them outside for a few hours to dry they get super crunchy. If you fold one in half it will stand up by itself on a tile floor! Now that is a tough towel

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