washing machine water softner dispenser

Sharon2013May 23, 2013

this is a GE spacemaker model wsx5208. There is no lock tab in the left rear corner and I can,t pull drawer out to clean it.The fabric softner dispenser is moldy and does not drain well.

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I've seen your post here left unanswered for days, so I thought I'd give it a try . . . I'm sure you've resolved your issue by now, but If you haven't, have you tried calling the GE Answer Center? Their number is 1-800-626-2005.

I just called them on your behalf, and they would need the serial number of your machine to determine the correct model number (I believe the model number you gave is either incomplete or incorrect).

After the first CSR answers (they answered in under 30 seconds), she/he will transfer you to the "Answer Center," where they can perform basic troubleshooting over the phone. I was put on hold and transferred--an "Answer Center" CSR picked up within 60 seconds. He was pretty nice, seemed very knowledgeable, and was very helpful and polite. I asked if they are just referencing a knowledge base in their computers, or do they have actual machines on the floor as well. He said they do have some machines on the floor, but not likely that particular one.

As an exploratory call, I must say, I was pretty impressed with the quality of the tier-2 CSR. I would give GE phone support five-stars, based on this one call.

Also, here's the number to the GE parts department: 877-959-8688. Good luck!

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