Removing Underarm Odor from Polyester Athletic Shirts

pennc94May 2, 2007

What are some tried and true ways to remove lingering underarm odor from polyester athletic shirts?

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Some have tried rubbing in vinegar or ammonia. I have found washing at 140 degrees (versus my usual 100-120 degrees) makes a really big difference.

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Would you also suggest adding vinegar or ammonia to the wash to get rid of odor on sports socks?

How does vinegar or ammonia affect clothes if it's added to the entire wash?


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I read a similar problem on another site and they found that Charlies Soap powder removed the odor for them and helped rid their workout clothes of other residues as well.

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Try Boarteem!!!

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Borateem added with your detergent. Also 20 Mule Team Borax.

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I use vinegar in a spray bottle. I spray the underarm area until fairly wet, then sprinkle either borax or oxyclean powder on top and if the dry material still looks too dry, I spray more vinegar to wet it, then rub it together and throw in washer. I selected hot with my old horrible maytag. Now have Bosch and have only done a few "underarm" loads, the first one I used hot. The second time I used the extra cycle that starts out cold and heats the water. My husband's shirts have had less odor, the test will be when my 25 year old son drops off his teeshirts for me to wash to get the smells out. He doesn't exactly wash his clothes the way most of us here do if you know what I mean.

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I'm a marathoner and have more than my fair share of athletic shirts. I use white vinegar let it sit for a few minutes then rinse. I then take some baking soda and make it into a paste over the affected area. Then rinse and wash as normal.

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I use plain old bar soap (ivory or kirks castile). For some reason soap gets out the smell whereas detergent does not.

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