Condo gong show, How should I go about mending this one?

RDO24September 11, 2012

Have two of these units in a 70's condo. The smell of mold off of the units is so strong that it has not gone away after having every single window open all summer. Radiator has been sweating heavy the entire summer months for 30 years now causing this to happen:

Could I reline everything in AYR-FOIL?

How does one go about replacing the insulation?

Does it even need it seeing it is all inside?

How bad is this situation really?

Appreciate the help because the management here will not help me any!

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Since the shut off valves are seized and cannot remove the rad, what is the best replacement material for this application? Rigid or denim insulation?

Thanks Guys!

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This s a rental or owner occupied?

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Owner occupied. I am the owner.

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Any ideas here? I have already contacted the building management and they don't want to help me at all. I just want to remove the mold (replacing all the insulation around the radiator) What is the material that is used for this today? Any codes? foil-lined insulation works best on this application???

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