Is it normaal to have the discharged air temperature 105 degree

chz93920000September 25, 2011


I recently have my 8 years' old Carrier heat pump repaired by replacing a leaking evaporation coil.

I tried its heating function several times in the morning when indoor temperature was around 73 or 74 degree. I just set the heating temp one degree higher than indoor temperature.

I was a little surprised when I measured the discharged air from the vent closes to the unit. The temperature was 105 degrees. At the same time there was a smell like something burned (I do not know how to describe it exactly, anyway the air smelled different when the heating was on).

I wondered if the electric heater was on since the discharged air temperature was so high. I then used the same thermometer measured the temp of the pipe that connects the outdoor unit to the indoor unit and the reading was about the same. Consequently, I guess the electric heater indoors was not on when my heat pump was running.

BTW, I used a mercury thermometer to measure the temperature. This one is quite accuracte since I compared its measurements with another digital thermometer the number

was very close.

I wonder if my heat pump functions well. Many thanks for your help!


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It depends on the outside temperature as to what the heat pump will put out in the way of heat. A temperature of 110 degrees at the plenum is not uncommon with warmer outside air, say above 55 degrees. It is also normal to notice a smell (mostly from dust) when you turn the heat on for the first 1 or 2 times for the season. If everything is working as it should, I doubt your aux. heat kicked in and the 105 is the heat pump itself. So far, without actually testing the unit and taking into consideration the temperatures throughout the country lately (not knowing where you are located) I think your unit is just fine.

Heat pumps are designed according to the cooling needs of the building. If the unit was cooling properly, the heat pump mode will heat properly. Aux. heat makes up the difference needed to fully heat.

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Many thanks! I really appreciate it.

yes, the outdoor temperature was around 58 to 60 degree.
I have lived in this house for almost two years however I never got a discharged air temperature above 72 in past two winters due to the leakage of freon of the evaporation coil.
Therefore, I have no idea of what temperature I would get after the leakage problem is solved.
I also hope the smell of dust will disappear after several uses. However, I doubt the smell will disappear before late October since outdoor temperature in our region (NE TN) will be still around 50 to 60 degrees. by then.
The cooling is just fine. The discharged air temperature was 47.5 degrees today when the heat pump was on. Indoor temp was 80 and outdoor was around 65.
Have a nice evening!

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