Decorative laundry detergent container

sspyeMay 18, 2008


I'm looking for a sealed decorative laundry detergent container for my Charlie's Soap (powder).

Any suggestions on where to get one? Or, how do you store yours? I don't have cabinets in my laundry room.


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I just recently saw one at Tuesday Morning, it was white metal and had the words "laundry soap" on it, I guess you could say it was vintage looking. It was made to hold a box of soap, I think.

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I use a tupperware container, that's not decorative... but if you're 'crafty' you could go the the craft shop and get a canister that seals tightly and decorate the outside yourself to match your room....

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I found these canisters at BigLots then had the decals made at the flea market. The attached tablespoon on each canister makes it easy to dispense the products. They are convenient on the shelf above the top loader W&D.

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Very Clever, I love that idea!

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I use a plastic container with a screw on lid..I was looking for a nicer one my self..lots of great ideas on here

love the canisters.. I was wondering where you got the decals..we don't have anything like that around here to get them..where did you get the wavy bottles and what do you keep in them?

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Reeree, Thank you. The decals were made by a vendor who makes those decals for car windows i.e. the big Ford Mustang and other types that you usually see on "fast" cars!. They were about $1 each. The wavy bottles were cocktail mix from the grocery store. My neighbor had a party and I asked her for the empties. The cylinder bottles are VOSS water bottles, I spray painted the tops with red plastic paint.

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I put all my 5 gallon bucket of Charlies In Lock & Lock Bins and I copied the bag of Charlies and taped it on the top. It all sits in a drawer on my pedestals that my husband made.

This small shelf sits right above my washer. I was using up all my Tide HE BUT now I am using just Charlies! I use to have all the bottles filled with differnt fabric softner.

I just ordered the Get Clean kit by Shaklee so I will be re-arranging my shelf.

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Okay, I really need to fix up my laundry room. I'm feeling really inadequate right now!!! My CS is stuffed in the pedestal drawer. How pedestrian is that?

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WOW, what fabulous ideas! I'd love to find those labels, mustangs, and I also love your small shelf. Lucky, that is a very cool idea...especially if I buy the BIG tub of Charlie's. I certainly have plenty of lock & lock's.

The width of my laundry rooms just holds my washer/dryer. I have a clothes pole above my washer/dryer. Soon I will be getting a FL machine and would like to put a laminate counter top over my machines. I like the small shelf so that I can still hang laundry in the laundry room.

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Thank you lucykt64.

I really like the lock and lock idea. I know I have a couple here that I was using for Borax and Washing Soda when I still had my top loader. Never thought of decorating them though, and I was thinking of trying the Tide HE powder after I got done with the Cheer HE liquid.

It looks easy to do to if all I would have to do is tape the pic on. I'm not very craft savvy. LOL!

I'm definitely going to try that.

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