Bosch next 300. Model wfmc2201uc

kittymMay 29, 2014

Flashing a plain E alert. No numbers. Can't open door. Tuned to hand wash and it seems to run. Any other cycle and E alert flashes. Called bosch, they didn't know what the plain E meant either.

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It should give some additional information. Maybe this helps.


Here is a link that might be useful: Literature

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This were very interesting, ive got this washer . It is faulty as yet but good to have if it gets that.
do you have the same manuel for the dryer?
Mine is broken, the drum wont stop spinning, even when the dor is opened.
it drys the laundry and turns off the heater but never stop turning at any program. My repair guy thinks is it a faulty controlboard and has ordered one. The price for doing this i 1/2 of what I paied for the dryer, but in sweden were I live we cant buy these big dryers any more of any brand. I dont get why we dont have these kind of machines in this country?
please help if you can......
all the best

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You have the 10 kg dryer? Oh, I have the Dreamspace washer and was looking for a big dryer to pair it with but no luck. I could find the 10 kg Bosch washer but never the dryer and Whirlpool never even offered the Dreamspace dryer in Germany. Yeah, I'd really like to see some larger offerings around here, too.

Here's the dryer's manual.

Here is a link that might be useful: WTMC WTXD BOSCH Siemens Gas and Electric Dryer.pdf

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Thank you so much.
about 10 years ago I did look at the dreamspace by baucnect but Icould not get it down my basement but when we moved out to the farm were we live now I wanted a bigger machines. Then bosch had releesed their 10 kg washer and dryer. They are now 6 years and almost no problems other than I need to change the detergent compartment 3 times a year but thats of our hard water. Now as I said the dryer broken. I would have bought a new machine if I could but there are no available any longer. You can get whirlpool comercial machines that look like theamericans machines but Ihave no idea what they cost. And going commercial are to expensive.
Thanks again!

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