Long Open Ended Bar Pulls

QtazzaJanuary 15, 2014

I am choosing hardware for my new white shaker kitchen. All along I have had the long open-ended bar pulls in my mind. Now that I am ready to purchase, I have heard and read from people that they stick out too far and are in the way and that they catch your clothes. I know a lot of you out there have used these. Do you love them? Do you hate them? Thanks for your input.

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We have them in our master bath and I'm happy with them there but I chose not to get them in our kitchen because they grab my clothes sometimes. Men's cargo pants/shorts are particularly succeptible in my experience.

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I avoided that type for this reason, too. Even if it doesn't happen all that often, when it does, it's annoying. I got closed end pulls.

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Besides catching on clothes, I think they are also a little overdone. And this is coming from someone who put them in my main floor bath when we remodeled it 2 years ago. However, I chose something different (straight, linear pulls) for our recent kitchen remodel because I kept seeing those bar pulls everywhere, it seemed.

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We chose these from Ikea, which are comparable to the open ended pulls in style and ergonomics, but without the open end. They come in two lengths, 6" & 14"

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I like the look of them but they definitely get caught on clothing. The worst for me are the top row of drawers. If it's what you like then you'll get used to it eventually. Our dishwasher is very sensitive so we turn it on often just by brushing up against it. After a few times of that we set the control lock now.

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We're deciding also, I'm starting to lean toward one that has a similar styling to the long open end bar pull, but has a bit of an arch so that the ends should curve back slightly toward the cabinets and hopefully make our cabinets less "grabby".

They are limited in sizes, so if you want really long, they may not work.

Here is a link that might be useful: Amerock Subtle Curve Pulls

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I have them. I knew it was what I wanted before I knew anything else. I caught the tie of my robe once. Once. In 8 months since the kitchen has been finished. And believe me, I spend lots of time in there.

If that is what you want, don't settle for anything less!

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I had them too and really liked them. Got caught on them maybe three times in three years. But the everyday ease of use was worth it. Easy to grab, under or over, even with your foot for the lower drawers.

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We've had ours for a month or so and haven't had any issue with them. We have a one inch overhang on our countertops and use Amerock pulls which might not stick out as far as others.

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We have these in our master bath and when it came time to look for kitchen pulls, DH specifically said he did not want that style in the kitchen. He wears cargo shorts all the time and the pulls catch on his pockets/belt loops often.

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I totally second the vote against this type pull. We put up with the 1978 version for 34 years before finally redoing out kitchen. First requirement for DH and me when talking about cabinets was to never have that kind of handle again! We've both ripped many a garment over the years. I love my new ones!

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i agree with ck-squared, a little overdone...i see them everywhere also...getting tired of them....
also i can definitely see how they would catch on clothing..

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Even though we have had Euro pulls in the master bath for 5 years (with no particular problems with "catching") I listened to the concerns and looked looked looked for hardware for the kitchen that satisfied my desire for clean lines but wouldn't "catch".

The pulls with a slight bow were lovely, but we needed them in several sizes and the difference between the curves in the 6" and the 12" didn't work for me. Among others problems, the longer curved pulls are extremely shallow and I could only stick my fingers through the very middle section of the pull. I also found that the larger sizes of the curved pulls were ungodly expensive.

I looked at solid-end bar pulls but felt that their only virtue was that they solved the "catching" problem.

So I went with the Euro bar pulls. From Schwab. The look is classic IMHO not dated. They haven't actually been a "catching" problem at all. ( maybe because we don't wear cargo shorts) but I have to say I'm really glad I went back to the Euro pulls!

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