In the Laundry Room with Samsung

whirlpool_traineeMay 20, 2010

Samsung's largest washer - bigger than the current Electrolux washers.

SAMSUNG Launches New 2010 Home Appliance Line Up

Powerful, Quiet Cleaning With Smart Details That Lighten the Load

High Capacity Front-Loading Washer and Dryer (WF520 and DV520) offers a spacious 5.0 cu.ft. capacity to help moms get more wash done in less time. The WF520 also features the newly improved Vibration Reduction Technology Plus, which reduces rattling and noise, making it so quiet families hardly know theyÂre on and allowing them to put their laundry machines anywhere they prefer. Samsung helps eliminate the need for all those stain-treatment sticks with the new PowerFoam feature that pre-dissolves detergent into powerful foam for a more thorough washing. In addition, PureCycle alerts consumers with a gentle chime after 40 washes and allows consumers to clean their machine with the press of a button using hot water, not harsh chemicals. The WF520 are DV520 are both available in colors stainless platinum or white, and prices range from $1,599-$1,499 for the WF520 and $1,399-$1,549 for the DV520. See it.

There will also be new kitchen appliances. See the Appliance Forum.

Read all and discuss. :)

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Sounds like a dream. I hope that they got all their bugs worked out. They do have a great spin when you get one that spins like it should. That was one of the main reasons for me to try Samsung in the first place, but after 6 of them, i gave up and got Electrolux and i have to say that at least the drum on the Electrolux does not seem as fragile as the one in Samsung. Maybe this machine will be their best yet and we will be jealous of the ones who got one and writes in about it!!

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I have the old 338 Samsung and it had nice features that caused me to buy one, but I have had regrets too. The soap dispenser relies on the viscosity of liquid soap to prevent it from being washed out during a prewash cycle. Too thin and there is no soap left after the prewash. I find that I must use every possible time extension to get clothes clean. If I want all soap rinsed completely out I run two washes, with no soap added during the second. The machine is so burdened by the effort to save water and exceed government standards for "energy-star" ratings. I call that a kluge.

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"The machine is so burdened by the effort to save water and exceed government standards for "energy-star" ratings" -- I would put it like this: "We consumers are burdened by the results of manufacturers' efforts to greatly exceed Energy Star standards in order to qualify for tax credits". See my post dated "Wed, May 5, 10 at 16:47" in the thread below. It's currently at the bottom of the thread. It's full of numbers, so if you're nerdy like your name says, you'll like it. :-)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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nerdyshopper, the last 448 that i tried was the same way, and did not clean my clothes well. It made them stinky and i have had to soak them and wash them in bath tub to get it out. The first 419 i tried put out so little water, that our clothes were sticky. Did a wash with no soap to see how much water it was putting in and it had about 1/3 of a cup, so obviously something was wrong with the pump, and the pump also was so loud especially when draining, that it was returned.I did have one unit which washed pretty well, but the drum rocked and rolled so much that the machine was almost unable to get to a spin. I had one that the spin was awesome, everything it was said to be, but 2 of the options wouldn't work. They have good ones, but here in my town the delivery guys are too rough with them, and that is why i wondered if they were too fragile.

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Well, roseark, at least Sears delivered my washer with no damage and installed it with care. My kicks are with the engineering design--and the advertised claims. Did you ever see the handouts showing 16 pair of jeans going in at the same time, or that stack of towels. Nonsense! As I indicated, I use an extra wash, spin, and rinse cycles every load and set the dirt level on heavy. If you use a lot of detergent, do an extra complete wash cycle on cold, cold with dirt levels set minimal and no extra wash, spin, or rinses. That seems to get the soap all out. I also use the prewash cycle when I am washing padded winter jackets or quilts or pillows.

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I especially like how he spins dry laundry to demonstrate how perfectly balanced the unit is. Well of course, if you spin dry laundry it will naturally balance much better than wet laundry stuck to the side of the machine! Why not just spin an empty drum and proclaim how perfectly balanced it is?

I have no doubts these units contain some cool technology - this is Samsung after all - but I've heard enough negative things about Samsung to steer clear.

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nerdyshopper, i am so glad that you got a good one! You should be very happy with it. The thing with me is that i refuse to get a product and have to have it worked on in the first week or two or even the 30 days. So thats why i returned them. I did have a good return experience with Sears, they didn't charge me the restocking fee which was nice. I know from watching them that their shipping guys and the ones who bring your stuff out to put in your truck were VERY ROUGH. They wanted to remove the shipping bolts out in the truck before they brought the washer in! But there are other states who have wonderful customer service almost everywhere they go. In my city, there is a we don't care syndrome, so i ask them if it would matter if it was their 2k. Hope you enjoy and glad you are one of the lucky ones!!

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Bigger is not better. It might be nice machine but how much or should I say how little water will it take? What about rinsing all those huge loads?

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The washer is up on the web site.

Here is a link that might be useful: WF520

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Please help me! I need a new washer and dryer ASAP. I am totally confused. I know that every manufacturer has good and bad points but.. Here is what I need/want :) -
extra large capacity-king size bedding
stainless steal drum
gentle on clothes
reliable ***
internal water heater
I was leaning towards Samsung but now I don't know. I can't afford a Miele so do you have any suggestions on which way to go. I am not married to the idea of a matching set but would like to get the same manuf.

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