Does anyone have a pot rack inside an upper cabinet?

enmnmJanuary 30, 2011

And if so, how's it working for you? Also, if you have pictures, could you post them? I could only find one, and I think it's a great idea for those with small kitchens who want to take advantage of ceiling height cabinets.

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Wow - what the heck! That's cool! Who makes that?

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Sorry. I like that, though. I wonder how much it costs... I wonder if they make a kit that I could put in a Kraftmaid cabinet! :o)

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We do, and all it cost was the price of the hooks -DH insisted on stainless.

We were not planning on doing this first off, but it worked out that with the hooks mounted directly in the top of the cabinet, our largest pan just clears the bottom. I had wanted to make something adjustable, but it would not fit with the way I designed the cabinet, which was before I decided to put in the pots.

They are easy enough to reach, as I grab the bottom and lift it off the hook. It sure is nice not having them stacked up in a drawer - seems you always want the one on the bottom.

We are getting close to making doors - it won't always be open like this, though I'm getting very use to the convenience of having everything open.

Our cabinet tops are 3/4" plywood and the side walls are notched to accept it and it's sitting on top of the back, and then all glued together - it's not going to bow or detach from the weight of the pans.

I think for most cabinets, you would need to beef them up a bit before putting hooks in the top.

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Oh, wow...I really like this idea. Thanks! Putting in my idea files for my kitchen :) I'm one who would always be pulling out the bottom pan since that means it's the biggest & I like big pans :)

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I too always want the pan at the bottom. Also, I really want to be able to take advantage of tall cabinets without fussing with a stepstool.

I did a little test today and it seems that the 10" fry pan is the maximum size in a regular upper.

I have no idea who makes that handy thing in the picture I posted.

Back to measuring and thinking. Where to put the lids.

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I found that picture at Ayr Cabinetry which I'll link below. They have a lot of cool organizational things in their cabinetry.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ayr Cabinetry

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Found really nice roll-out shelves for cans by Ayr...same company who made the pot rack in the first post up above. Does anyone have anything like this & if so, do you like it? Link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ayr roll-out shelves for cans

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Those pics are from a GWers kitchen - loves2cook4six's kitchen. Both the pot rack and the can storage.

I've linked a thread with some info on the pot rack. You might be able to search on her name to get more info on her can storage.

Here is a link that might be useful: thread about pot rack in upper cabinet

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^^ Thanks so much! I swear, I DID search for pot racks and thought I read all the threads.

I too will be shamelessly copying this. The Container Store. Who knew?

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How funny!! I am hardly ever on the kitchen forum anymore so not sure what made me pop over and look what I find...

Ayr did make our cabinets. They were beyond wonderful to work with, will ship all over the country and I can only praise them to heaven and back for their work ethic, ability to do anything we wanted and to always do it with a smile. I am sure I was a difficult customer but they never let on once :)

I did purchase the bar and hooks from The Container Store, but they no longer carry them. They can still be found online and there is a link in the thread that was linked to above.

Because our kitchen was custom and that cabinet is above a 30" deep counter, the uppers are 13" deep. We can easily get a 12" frypan in that cupboard. DH built me a rack for holding the lids which is underneath the smaller pans.

The can storage was my idea. The drawer actually consists of three layers. It is quite deep as the first main drawer extends into the toe kick area of the cabinet. The drawers line up all round the kitchen so using hidden drawers was a way to reduce the depth of some of them.

Here are some more pictures:

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Love, thanks for stopping by. I bow to your cabinets. The CS no longer has your pot rack. They have this instead:

Plugh. You wouldn't happen to know the maker, would you? I am off to google.

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AHA, never mind! Let's hear it for amazon:

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I think my dh would have had a hissy if I'd paid $80 for a pot rack he could make for $20. LOL

Try this one

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Haha, you are right. I was going to hack the idea with a closet rod, but I like this wood one much better. A little googling and I am sure there are other places less than $80.

I take it these innovative features--the pot rack and can drawer--work out much better than losing the items in a deep drawer or the depth of a pantry cabinet? Also, I made a study of the cans in our pantry last night. They are mostly a few standard sizes, right? Which is how you know all yours will fit in your drawers?

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I have the same set-up as the Ayr can drawers, only mine are Ikea pullouts. Great functionality for very little money.

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Fori is not pleased

Macy's got it in a deep microwave cabinet too. Hmmmm. Yeah it's never too late to repurpose things!!! Of course the ones I'd like to hang are cast iron and I don't know if my cabinets can take it. There is also the vertical file storage, where instead of hanging them you have dividers and stick them in like books. Or, being a kitchen forum, like a beefy plate rack.

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I have the same set up - I bought it from Crate and Barrel. Works great.

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I used towel racks made by a local blacksmith, with handmade S hooks. These would work great in a cabinet if you have the space. Love them!

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