Electrolux washer?

hou5egeekMay 13, 2012

Hi, I'm sorry as I'm sure this has been done, but the search didn't bring up anything but tractors (??). I'm looking to buy a new washer/dryer. I love the idea of the electrolux because of the quietness, quick washes, and sanitary cycle (pets and toddlers!). But I'm really anxious about getting a front loader because of the mold issues, I'm assuming electrolux has the same issues?

Would you recommend your set?

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Hi; we have the Electrolux IQ Touch washer and it's amazing! It does an excellent job at cleaning and rinsing, IMO, is much better than a lot of other FL's. We haven't had ours too long, 4-6 mo's or so but absolutely no issues with mold or any kind of bad smells. The key, I've found, is to make sure you leave the door open AND since the dispenser drawer is spring loaded; leave it open after last wash but you can close it up to the "spring" tension so their is just enough of a gap to let the air circulate through and I've not had any problems with pink/black mold in the dispenser area as with others. It is quiet and even at full spin speed, the floor doesn't vibrate and ours sits on a solid wood floor off from the kitchen.

I got a discount because it had some cosmetic flaws but I think they are well worth the price. Ours doesn't have the steam feature, I didn't think that was worth the extra money, never really had a need for it.

Any other questions, feel free to ask :-)

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Thanks CharterOps!

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I don't have an electrolux, I have Whirlpool Duets, but have never had an issue with mold or smells. The advice about leaving the door open after each cycle, and the dispenser drawer is so accurate! Also, my washer has a 'clean washer' cycle. You put in bleach and it washes itself. Then you remove the dispenser and clean it. Also, sanitary cycles are good to have!

Had it 5 years now. I may buy the electrolux in the next house, but definately would buy front loaders again in a second.

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I've had my Electrolux Wave Touch pair for about 3 months and am very happy with them. They smell fresh, there's a "washer clean" cycle that you run with bleach every so often. I like the sanitary and allergen cycles, and that I can program an extra rinse if I want one. I can also add water to a cycle if I'm washing towels or a large comforter. I like the shrinkguard feature, it really cuts down on wrinkling.


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Thank you both!

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Don't buy them! here is my letter to electrolux! am writing to tell you of my horrible experiences with my electrolux washer and dryer.
The washer puts small pins holes in all my t shirts. Not cheap t shirts. 40.00 good quality with five kids and my husband and I that is alot of clothes.
That this machine has ruined. It is two years old and My circuit board. is beeper and making weird sounds. while it washes. which it will probably go soon.
My dryer had to be opened up and vaccumed out their was more lint in than out . which I am glad my house didn't catch fire. I am really good about cleaning the lint trap every time.
It has filled with condensation and had water in the lint area. So we cleanedit up and it ran for a few months til.
The circuit board it caught fire and melted. The whole wiring harness.
My husband picked these over miele two years ago. I cannot explain how disappointed I was when I called service and was lied to and the tech told me the truth.
Clearly you are having problems with the quality of these machines.

It is sad that in europe the machine are built better less waste and quality is better than America. The american people are starting to get tired of the junk throw away machines.
Besides the fact that it is ruining our environment for my kids and everyone's.

I paid 2600. for these machines to last two years.
They cause nothing but headaches. I may be one consumer. I have five kids one just graduated law school and that is five customers electrolux lost. six with my husband and I.
My neighbors saw a the fire truck at my house and them carry the machine out. more bad press for Electrolux.
I have posted and will continue to tell customers about my horrible experience with customer service and my machines.
I would gladly let you pay to take my machine bad and figure out your design flaws and fix them for your future customers.
No one should need to replace 2600. machines in two years!

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I did want to add. The salemen at lowes told me they had an electrolux fridge for
display not plugged in for three years and it rusted out right there on the floor.
The whole freezer drawer fell apart from rust. Buyers beware!!!
I have kitchen aid fridge loves it. I just bought miele's.

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"....electrolux fridge for display not plugged in for three years and it rusted out right there on the floor.....The whole freezer drawer fell apart from rust."

Far be it from me to dispute a salesman from cyber-distance but I would be very skeptical of this report.

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