Shoring up closet wood flooring from top pre-FL stackable W/D pur

SparklingWaterMay 6, 2012

Our current combination oak wood flooring-laid in 1970's addition-has served well for 20 years worth of necessary stackable washers. I'm told the sub-floor joists and support 2x6's running with them were placed close, not wide apart, but a crawl space prohibits me from directly seeing this. The stackable machines RPM's were max 800 however and our Neptune 2000 does walk of late as it's bearings are pretty gone and spin vibration has increased. New FL stackable washers are 1000 rpm for 3.5 cf drum or more. Weight of dryer (and in some way, weight of washer) may mitigate against movement. Direct drive FL motor spin technique apparently prevents knocking with spin start up I heard on a WP tech you tube.

I wish to ask if there is anyway to place on top of the current oak flooring an additional layer of wood or other to further firm up the floor and lesson vibration. The closet is 35" width x 32" depth x 84" height. The narrowest dimension for stackable placement is the door frame vertical lip at 29 & 1/4" which gives me pause on this idea in general as a weak link (can't floor into that area due to door).

I have spent hours researching the new machines, reading up on all the anti-vibration claims by W/D manufacturers. Users of these machines still report excessive vibration by some of these machines.

I found the forum commentary below on this topic very insightful. I'd appreciate your comments/advice if any additional anti-vibration wood or other surface could be added behind the front door and nailed down before purchase of a new higher 1000-1200 RPM stackable W/D. Thank you very much. I may cross post this on the flooring forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Helpful link:

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I bought it at Home Depot...

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Thanks dave1812. Would this go under current flooring or are you saying you can add it above and nail it down?

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Above. The larger u make it the more stability it will provide

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Thanks again dave!

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When we go a front loader I read of problems some of them had on anything but a concrete basement floor. We had a carpeted sub floor on a crawl space with normal joists. To improve stability I merely cut a 4x8 piece of A-C grade exterior plywood to fit under both the washer and dryer. i figured it would srpeat tha weight over more joists and add stability. We had it installed over the very short napped carpet with ring nails and then put a Hardy board underlayment on both the rest of the carpet and our "island". Then we had porcelain tile installed.
This has worked just as we expected and is doable and cheap.

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Thank you nerdyshopper. I just looked up 4x8 plywood to visualize it.

I realized after my initial post, that the crawl space ends in brick wall, and under my washer dryer is a slab floor (no crawl space). I forgot the space ended. Still, I wish to sure up the currently floor as much as possible to lessen spin vibration.

I'm somewhat flummoxed on what 27" stackable W/D to buy and so reading up on energy star machines with built in vibration buffers.


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the product I mentioned is EXTREMELY heavy. You will need the assistance of someone (or 2) who is strong!

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If the wood floor is actually over concrete, I don't think you're going to do anything to 'shore' it up.

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Thank you weedmeister. Today I found out the laundry closet room has a not very high subfloor-i know little on housing construction. This addition was added off the original house (where there is crawl space). The laundry closet oak wood floor is not finished however so less slipperiness.

I'm going to put up a new post on how to approach the plumbing wall behind the now pulled stackable. Perhaps you will have some ideas. I appreciate your help.

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