The ultimate stain remover ???

sharon620May 16, 2011

Hi Everyone!

My son (22yrs) got an unknown stain on his expensive shirt , he got for christmas. I had no idea what it was. It almost looked like ink.

I tried everything I have.

Napasoap, ink, shout, etc

I finally tried cascade. OMG it bleached it! I am so upset :( I have had other things I could never get the stain out. I have tried lestoil and simple green but there has to be something that the dry cleaners use to get all the stains out.

Please help !


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They use solvents. You could try a product called Energine. It comes in a small, metal can, with other cleaning products. Use sparingly, wear gloves, then launder the item. It works well.

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I've heard that WD-40 works.

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If the stain is ball point pen ink, the old standby used to be hair spray. Just saturate the stain and wash. Do not use the dryer or it will set any residue. You might have to repeat to get that out. I assume you are talking about a non-cotton shirt since you mention dry cleaners. If it is not ink, we have used the Oxyclean stick that we rub against the stain before laundering. Test a hidden area to be sure it doesn't take the color out like Cascade.

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The only thing I ever need to use these days is Charlie's Soap and Oxyclean spray or Oxyclean diluted in water. Don't use anything else.

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I don't have one stain remover. I start with the nature of the stain and pick a treatment. If it is an organic stain, I use Nature's Miracle enzyme stain and odor remover (bought it when I got my puppy and still buy it since it is gentle and effective.

For ink I always use alchohol (straight isopropyl or even vodka although I prefer to use my Grey Goose to drink)

If they don't work and the almost always do, then I move on to Afta. If that does not work NOTHING will.

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Dry Cleaners do not get every stain out. I also love Oxyclean in the bottle. Also, Lestoil & shout(for small dirt type stains).
I also treat from the back side of the garment (first), someone told me that it forces the stain out better than from the top side of the garment.

Some stains just won't come out.

Automatic dish detergent has bleach

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